October 22, 2020

Since these Release Notes were published, the LDM autosaving feature has been postponed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Direct Data Distribution from Amazon S3 Object Storage Service: Incremental Load Available

Automated Data Distribution (ADD) v2 now supports incremental data load from your Amazon S3 bucket into one or multiple GoodData workspaces.

Provide the data as CSV files, set up a connection between the S3 bucket and your workspace, and configure a frequency of data load and distribution.

Learn more:
Load Modes in Automated Data Distribution v2 for Object Storage Services
Integrate Data from Your Amazon S3 Bucket Directly to GoodData
S3-GoodData Integration Details


KPI Dashboards: Drill Down

In KPI Dashboards, you can now use the attribute drill paths for drilling.

Drill down does not require any configuration and works automatically on attributes with defined drill paths. Simply click an attribute value on a KPI Dashboard to open the drill window.

Typically, you use drill down to view insights in greater detail (for example, you can drill from a yearly to a monthly view).

Learn more:
Drill Down in KPI Dashboards


KPI Dashboards: Explore and Edit Insights

In KPI Dashboards users with at least the Explorer user role can now explore or edit insights directly without switching to Analytical Designer.

When you edit the insight, you can then save it either to all KPI Dashboards that includes this insight, or you can save a copy for the current dashboard.


Learn more:
Edit KPI Dashboards


Analytical Designer: Ranking Filter

Analytical Designer now enables you to filter your insights to display any number of top or bottom values to narrow down the displayed results.

For example, you can display the top 5 sales representatives with the most won opportunities in the last quarter.


Learn more:
Ranking Filter


LDM Modeler: Autosaving a Logical Data Model as a Draft

The release of this feature has been postponed.

When you are working on your logical data model (LDM), the changes are now automatically saved as a draft as you are making them. The draft is saved under your GoodData user, on the machine and in the browser it was created, and you can continue editing it whenever you are ready. When the LDM Modeler saves your draft, it displays a message and the time the draft was last saved.



The draft is kept until you either publish the changes to the workspace or manually discard the draft (in this case, the last published version of the LDM is loaded in the LDM Modeler).

If you have unpublished changes in a draft and are leaving the LDM Modeler (for example, navigating to a different section of the GoodData Portal), the LDM Modeler will warn you about the unpublished changes and ask whether you want to publish them before leaving.

Learn more:
Update a Logical Data Model

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