GoodData Platform - February 22, 2024

This information is important to review if you are embedding your GoodData content using iframes, and don’t use whitelabeling to change the default GoodData domain.

As you may know, Google Chrome is planning to make a significant change later in 2024 by deprecating third-party cookies. This move, aimed at enhancing online privacy, impacts how third-party content, like GoodData, is embedded and interacted with in applications.

To align with these changes, we have implemented the option to enable the use of partitioned cookies, a method recommended by Google. To enable partitioned cookies, see Enable Partitioned Cookies in our documentation.

If Google goes through the announced discontinuation of third-party cookie support, the use of partitioned cookies will be necessary to keep your embedded GoodData content working when using iframes, unless you are using whitelabeling and your GoodData domain name matches that of your parent application.

Learn More:

Enabling Partitioned Cookies

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