GoodData Platform - March 21, 2024

We don't have anything specific to update you on for this release, but we do want to make you aware of an important change scheduled to be release in two weeks time:

Upcoming Split of GoodData.UI Versions 9 and 10

We’re making significant changes to the GoodData.UI SDK versioning strategy, here’s what you need to know:

  • Starting with GoodData.UI SDK version 10, we will exclusively support only GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN. This allows us to introduce new features faster and reduce risks to GoodData Platform stability. GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN customers should update to SDK version 10 as soon as possible, as SDK version 9 will cease to be compatible with GoodData Cloud versions in future updates.

  • GoodData.UI SDK version 9 will continue to receive support for GoodData Platform, including security updates, bug fixes, and potentially new features. GoodData Platform users must continue using SDK version 9 for building new plugins or custom pages, as SDK version 10 will not be compatible.

As of right now we expect the release of GoodData.UI SDK version 10 to happen on the 18th of April 2024, no action is required from SDK users now. Plugins should continue to work as before, as long as you use the correct SDK version for the type of product you are using.

Please note that providing information about support does not waive or override the terms outlined in the GoodData.UI Library End User License Agreement which explicitly states that there is no obligation to support the Library or provide updates or bug fixes.

Update Your Plugins

If you have not done so already, please update your plugins to GoodData.UI version 9.5 or higher, to ensure your plugins always use up-to-date packages.

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