May 30, 2019

Combo Charts in Analytical Designer

Analytical Designer offers a new type of insight - combo charts.

Combo charts combine two types of charts - column, area, or line - into a single insight.

You can, for example, check if your actual sales meet your target sales defined by another measure, or save canvas space in KPI Dashboards.


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Combo Charts


GoodData.UI Version 7.0 Available: Combo Chart and Subtotals in Pivot Tables

We have released Version 7.0 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 7.0

  • Combo Chart component added
    Combo charts combine two types of charts - column, area, or line - into a single visualization to display your data. For more information, see Combo Chart.
  • Pivot tables: turning subtotals on and off via the menu
    You can now turn subtotals on and off in pivot tables using the totals menu directly in the pivot tables. For more information, see Pivot Table Component --> Totals.


New Roles Introduced, Existing Roles Renamed in All Projects

As we announced earlier, we had made changes to the user roles on the GoodData platform. These changes were made to the projects that were created on February 21, 2019, or later.

Now, we have implemented these changes in all the remaining projects (that is, the projects that were created before February 21, 2019).

What has changed?

  • The two existing roles have been renamed:
    • Embedded Only Explorer --> Explorer (embedded only)
    • Embedded Dashboard Only --> Viewer (embedded only)
  • The following new roles were introduced:
    • Editor + User Admin: Editor with a permission to invite users to the project, to manage relations between data permissions and users, and to manage variables
    • Editor + Invitations: Editor with a permission to invite users to the project
    • Viewer (disabled exports): Viewer with a restricted permission to export reports

For more information, see User Roles and User Roles Permissions.

Action needed:
Renaming the two existing user roles may affect you in the following cases:

In these cases, make sure that you are using the internal role identifiers and not the names of the user roles that are going to be renamed. The internal role identifiers have not changed. Using the user role names instead of the internal role identifiers will cause user provisioning processes to fail.

  • Use explorerOnlyRole for the 'Embedded Only Explorer' user role.
  • Use dashboardOnlyRole for the 'Embedded Dashboard Only' role.


REMINDER: Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: JDBC Driver Version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2

The JDBC driver version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2 is deprecated and will stop working on October 31, 2019.

How will this affect you?
If you are using version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2 of the JDBC driver, it will stop working on October 31, 2019. You will receive the following error message:

You are using an unsupported version of the JDBC driver. Download and install the latest version of the driver itself or CloudConnect from

Before October 31, 2019, check the version of your JDBC driver.
If your version is 3.0.2 through 3.1.2, upgrade to the latest version, 3.3.0:

  • If you are using the driver directly, download and install the latest version of the driver from the Downloads page.
  • If you are using the driver via CloudConnect, upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.

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