GoodData Platform - August 11, 2022

GoodData.UI Version 8.10 Available

We have released Version 8.10 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.10

  • Support for Gooddata Cloud
    GoodData Cloud is now fully supported by GoodData.UI from version 8.10
  • Dashboard selectors are public now
    The filterContext, user, and permission selectors are now public.
  • Execution definition by slices/series can be used without React
    You can use the @alpha version of DataViewLoader from @gooddata/sdk-ui
  • Additional fixes and improvements

User Group Dashboard Permissions Propagate with the LCM Bricks

The release brick, provisioning brick, and the rollout brick now support User Group Dashboard Permissions. They have been expanded with additional parameters and new default behaviors.

New Default Behavior for Synchronizing User Groups

The provisioning and rollout brick now synchronize user groups from master workspaces to client workspaces. Only the user groups are synchronized. The members of the user group are not included. The release brick already had this support.

New Default Behavior for Responsive and Pixel Perfect Shared Dashboards

In a segment's master workspace, dashboards can be private or shared with all or some users/user groups.

At release, rollout, and provisioning, sharing permissions are now propagated in the following way:

  • Dashboards set as private in the master workspace remain private in the client workspaces.
  • Dashboards shared with all users in the master workspace become dashboards shared with all users in the client workspaces.
  • Dashboards shared with some users/user groups in the master workspace become dashboards shared with some user groups in the client workspaces.

The same logic applies for development workspaces and master workspaces.

To disable the propagation of the user group permissions for shared dashboards, specify the following new parameters in the release, provision, and rollot bricks according to your dashboard type:

  • disable_kd_dashboard_permission true if your dashboards are built in the Responsive
  • disable_pp_dashboard_permission trueif your dashboards are built in the Pixel-perfect UI.

Users can now be Removed from User Groups

Users can now be removed from user groups through the Users Brick. To remove a user from a user group, the user_group input must be blank or null for a user.

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