January 27, 2022

Dashboard Permissions

GoodData introduces a new feature: Dashboard Permissions.

This feature brings several changes:

  • All newly created dashboards are private, which means that only users who create the dashboards have access to them.
  • It is possible to share these private dashboards with other users or user groups from your workspace.
  • The Dashboards navigation list is split into three sections:
    • Locked dashboards for dashboards that were shared with you and that are locked. They can be edited only by administrators.
    • Shared dashboards for dashboards that you created and shared with others, or others shared with you.
    • Private for dashboards that you created and have not yet shared.

This change has no impact on the already existing dashboards which remain shared with all users. The rights for these dashboards are still determined by the user roles.


For a limited period, you can disable this feature using the following platform settings set to false:

  • enableAnalyticalDashboardPermissions
  • enableNewAnalyticalDashboardsNavigation

Learn more:
Share Dashboards


Date Dimension Loader: New Component of Data Preparation and Distribution Pipeline

We have released Date Dimension Loader, a new component of our data preparation and distribution pipeline.

Date Dimension Loader helps you load date dimension data to date datasets in one or more workspaces based on the criteria that you have defined (where the date dimension data is stored and what workspaces to load them to).

NOTE: If you have been using a version of Date Dimension Loader deployed from the GoodData Services Appstore, we recommend that you migrate from your version to the newly released Date Dimension Loader, which is kept up-to-date automatically.

Learn more:
Date Dimension Loader


GoodData.UI Version 8.8 Available: Dashboard Permissions, Plugin Validation, React 17, and Internet Explorer 11

We have released Version 8.8 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 8.8

  • Dashboard permissions
    With the new dashboard permissions having been released, any dashboards that are embedded with the Dashboard component are now displayed according to the permissions set.
    -- Private dashboards are visible to only the users who created these dashboards.
    -- The dashboards shared with some users or user groups are visible to those users only.
    -- The dashboards that were created before the dashboard permissions have been released remain shared with all users. The rights for these dashboards are still determined by the user roles.
    In addition, the Share button will appear on the embedded dashboard if the dashboard user has at least editor rights.
    For more information about how sharing dashboards works, see Share Dashboards.
  • Validation for dashboard plugins
    The dashboard plugins linked to the same dashboard are now validated with regard to the version of the Dashboard component they can be run with. (The version of the Dashboard component is consistent with the version of GoodData.UI in use.)
    If no version compatible with all the linked plugins on the dashboard is found, none of the plugins is displayed on the dashboard, and an error message is logged into the browser console.
    You will have to review the plugins and adjust their settings so that they can run on the same version of the Dashboard component. For more information, see the plugins' README.
  • Support for React 17
    GoodData.UI Version 8.8 supports React 17. For more information, see Supported Technologies.
    NOTE: React 16 is still supported as well.
  • Geo pushpin charts in Internet Explorer 11
    Geo pushpin charts no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Use one of the officially supported browsers instead.


Changes to API HTTP Responses: Implementation Started

As we announced earlier, we have started rolling out the updates to our REST API infrastructure. This may result in backward-incompatible changes in the structure of HTTP responses.

How is the HTTP response structure going to change?
After the API infrastructure is updated completely, the HTTP responses will not include the reason phrase. For example, instead of returning HTTP/1.1 201 Created only HTTP/1.1 201 will be returned.

If you use a tool for handling API calls or a custom library for integrating with the GoodData REST API, update them to make sure they can handle the upcoming change in the HTTP response structure.

We will be posting separate announcements to update you on the status of the update implementation.


Improved Nomenclature Consistency

As we announced earlier, we have introduced the following changes to the GoodData nomenclature:

Old term New term
measure fact
calculated measure metric

The rollout is gradual to give you time to prepare for the change.

  • January 27 - Opt-in: Official release + documentation update
    To opt in, set the enableRenamingMeasureToMetric platform setting to true.
  • February 24 - Opt-out: The rename will be turned on by default. However, you will be able to disable it using the platform settings.
    To opt out, set the enableRenamingMeasureToMetric platform setting to false.
  • TBD: Eventually, the rename will become permanent without the opt-out option.

Affected components
Only the GoodData platform itself is affected. GoodData.UI, APIs, and their respective documentation remain intact.

Learn more:
Configure Various Features via Platform Settings


UPCOMING: GoodData Classic Documentation

For GoodData Enterprise customers using the Pixel-perfect UI and CloudConnect only

Starting February 24, 2022, the GoodData Enterprise documentation will no longer include the content that documents the Pixel-perfect and CloudConnect features.

Those traditional components of the GoodData platform will be documented in full in the GoodData Classic Documentation available at https://help.gooddata.com/classic along with the rest of the platform.


The Classic documentation will be available online to anyone with the link.

We will continue to update the Classic documentation along with the Enterprise, Growth, and Free versions.

How to find out if this affects you
You will need the GoodData Classic documentation if:

  • Your top platform navigation bar includes elements such as Reports and KPIs:_GD_Classic_Tab_for_KPIs.png
  • You are using articles marked with the GoodData Classic label in the current Enterprise documentation (these articles will move to the Classic documentation).

If you have any questions, please contact GoodData Support.

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