December 16, 2021

Direct Data Distribution from MySQL Data Warehouses 

Automated Data Distribution v2 (ADD v2) can now load data directly from MySQL data warehouses.

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Direct Data Distribution from Data Warehouses and Object Storage Services
GoodData-MySQL Integration Details
Create a Data Source


ADD v2 Can Access DWHs on Any Ports in the Range of 1024-65535

Automated Data Distribution v2 (ADD v2) can now access data warehouses using any port in the range of 1024-65535.

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GoodData IP Addresses and IP Whitelisting


Validation of Time Zones Set in Workspaces

We have unified the approach to validating time zones set in workspaces. The time zones are now validated against the latest version of the Time Zone Database as specified at

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Set a Custom Time Zone for Your Workspace

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