October 21, 2021

KPI Dashboards: Drillable Attribute Labels

In Dashboards (Free, Growth) and KPI Dashboards (Enterprise), you can now use attribute hyperlink labels to open external pages or applications with details about your products, customers, and so on.

You can select the label in the drill down configuration in the Manage section in the GoodData Portal. Then, when you click the attribute value on a dashboard, the target URL opens.


Drill down to URLs is enabled by default. To disable it, set the enableClickableAttributeURL platform setting to false.

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Prioritize Data Loading from Cloud Data Warehouses to Workspaces

If you have segments set up with multiple workspaces to load data to and your source data is stored in a cloud data warehouse, you can now:

  • Load data to a particular group of workspaces within a segment.
  • Prioritize the workspaces to define the order in which the data will be loaded from the data warehouse to those workspaces.

For example, if you have a segment with ten workspaces, you can now load data to only five of them and you can set the order in which the source data will be loaded to those five workspaces.

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REMINDER: Prevention of ADS Data Exfiltration

As announced earlier, to improve data security and reduce risks of data exfiltration via external JDBC connections, we are limiting the number of rows that are returned to an external SELECT query submitted to the GoodData Agile Data Warehouse (ADS).

The limit is initially set to 10,000 rows.

  • This limit is by default applied to the customers who join GoodData after October 21, 2021.
  • For the existing customers who joined GoodData before that date, we will be rolling the limit out gradually, and we will notify you of the limit enforcement on your ADS instances in advance.

What queries are external?
A SELECT query is treated as external when it comes via a connection established from an IP address outside of the GoodData platform. For example, when you connect to an ADS instance from your SQL tool to retrieve some data, this is an external query.

How will it affect you?
We do not expect any considerable impact on your routine day-to-day activities because:

  • By design, you should not export large tables from the ADS outside of the GoodData platform.
  • SQL queries executed for debugging and diagnostics of data loading processes typically return a much smaller number of rows than 10,000.

You may be affected if you connect to ADS instances via the JDBC driver and need to regularly run SELECT queries that return more than 10,000 rows.

Loading data from the ADS to your workspaces will not be affected!
Any data loading processes that load data from the ADS to your GoodData workspaces (for example, data loaded through the data preparation and distribution pipeline or by custom bricks that have been implemented by GoodData specialists) will not be affected. This limit does not apply to them.

We encourage you to review your typical ADS usage and help us set the limit to a number that allows your data engineers to do their daily job without any obstacles, but at the same time prevents a potential malicious insider from offloading large portions of your data by a single SELECT statement. Please contact GoodData Support to have the limit set to whatever works best for you.

What will happen if you do not send a request to adjust the limit?
When the limit is implemented on your ADS instances, your SELECT queries submitted to the ADS from an external IP address will return 10,000 rows at most.

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