August 26, 2021

Export Drilled Insights

When you drill from Dashboards (Free, Growth) or KPI Dashboards (Enterprise) into insights, you can now export the drilled insights to a CSV or XLSX file.


Learn more:
Export Dashboards (Free, Growth)
Export KPI Dashboards (Enterprise)


UPCOMING: Renaming "Project" to "Workspace"

In an effort to simplify naming conventions, we are consolidating usage of the following terms:

  • Project
  • Workspace

Both terms have been used to denote a single entity.

Implementation rollout

  • You can have the replacement enabled on your site starting from August 26 (contact GoodData Support).
    The following will apply:
    • Throughout the GoodData platform UI, you will only work with the term workspace.
    • When interacting with the APIs (directly or via the gray pages), you will continue to use the term project to prevent any impact on existing implementations.
  • Full implementation will be announced in one of the upcoming releases. 

How does it affect you?

All changes that are implemented in the GoodData platform UI are backward-compatible and should not impact existing implementations. For example, your embedding links will continue to work even if they still have "project" in the URL.

The term "project" will stay native to the APIs and gray pages.


Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 10.1.1 Completed

We have completed upgrading the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse. It now runs on Vertica Version 10.1.1. You can find detailed information about Version 10.1.1 in Vertica's online documentation.

We have updated the user documentation for our Data Warehouse accordingly.

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