August 12, 2021

KPI Dashboards: Drill from Attributes

In Dashboards (Free, Growth) and KPI Dashboards (Enterprise), you can now configure drilling also from attributes. You can configure drilling from attributes to insights, other dashboards, or URLs.

Drilling from attributes works the same as drilling from measures: click in the insight to open the target insight/dashboard/URL. In pivot tables, click the attribute value to open the target.



Learn more:
Articles under Drilling in Dashboards (Free, Growth) and Drilling in KPI Dashboards (Enterprise)


Export and Import Data Pipeline

You can now export your data pipeline (a set of data pipeline bricks, LCM bricks and so on deployed and scheduled in a workspace plus the Data Source that they use) from a workspace to a JSON file. You can then import this JSON file into another workspace or save it as a backup file.


This feature helps you quickly recreate the data pipeline from one workspace in other workspaces (even in a different domain) or keep the versioning history of your pipeline configuration.

Learn more:
Export and Import the Data Pipeline


Obtain, Create, or Update Mapping in Logical Data Model via API

You can now use the API to obtain the mapping between your logical data model (LDM) and the data source (that is, how the datasets in your LDM are mapped to source tables represented by the tables in your data warehouse, the files in your cloud object storage service, or the CSV files on your computer).

You can also use the API to create or update the mapping. If an object to map is not found in the target LDM, it will be created with the specified mapping. Otherwise, it will be updated according to the submitted request.

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API: Obtain the mapping
API: Create or update the mapping
Mapping between a Logical Data Model and the Data Source


REMINDER: Upgrade Your GoodData.UI to Version 8.x

Version 7.x of GoodData.UI reached its end-of-development, and it is now in maintenance mode until March 31, 2022, when it will reach its end-of-support. The versions older than Version 7.x are no longer supported.

How does it affect you?
You are affected if you are using a version of GoodData.UI older than Version 8.x.

Upgrade your GoodData.UI to Version 8.x. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

  1. Review the breaking changes in Version 8.0.
  2. Follow our step-by-step Migration Guide that will walk you through the migration process.

What will happen if you do not upgrade to Version 8.x?
When Version 7.x reaches its end-of-support, it will receive neither new features nor bug fixes. No technical support will be provided. Although the version will still be available for use, we do not recommend that you use it.

Learn more:
To learn more about how different versions of GoodData.UI go through the life cycle phases and what level of support you can expect when using a specific version, see Supported Versions.


REMINDER: End-of-Support of Internet Explorer 11

GoodData is announcing the end-of-support of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 effective November 19, 2021.

How does it affect you?
You are affected if you are using Internet Explorer 11 for accessing the GoodData Portal.

In preparation for the end-of-support, switch to one of our supported browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

What will happen if you still use Internet Explorer 11 after November 19, 2021?
After this date, you will no longer be able to use the following:

Support for the following components will continue:

Major GoodData.UI versions released after this date will not support Internet Explorer 11.

Learn more:
See the list of supported browsers in System Requirements and Supported Browsers.


REMINDER: Use TLS Version 1.2 or Higher Only

Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0 and 1.1 is deprecated and will end in one of future releases. We will announce the exact date as soon as it is set.

How will this affect you?
All modern web browsers and programming languages already support the newer versions of TLS (1.2 and higher). Unless you use obsolete software or unsupported systems, you are not affected.

You may be affected if you are using an older version of the libraries or programming languages in your tools. To verify, check the documentation for your tool:

Make sure that all your components and integrations use TLS version 1.2 or higher.

What will happen if you do not upgrade to the newer versions?
When support for TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 ends, if you do not switch to a newer version of TLS, the integration with the GoodData platform will stop working.

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