January 28, 2021

Create Insights in KPI Dashboards

You can now create insights directly in KPI Dashboards.

When creating a new KPI dashboard, drag the insight widget to the dashboard to open Analytical Designer in overlay. Configure and save the insight to automatically place it on the KPI dashboard.


Learn more:
Set Up a KPI Dashboard
Create Insights


New Data Tab for Free and Growth Users

The Load tab is now replaced with the Data tab for Free and Growth users. The Data tab allows users with the correct permissions to complete the following tasks without leaving the workspace:

  • You can upload CSVs and connect data sources to your workspace (Administrator only on Free and Growth).
  • You can view and edit the logical data model.
  • You can schedule data loads.


Learn more:
Load Data


New Homepage for Free Users

We have released a new home page for Free users. The home page makes workspace and user management easier by providing a central location to access different platform features. Users who register under a Free plan will see the new home page after registration. Existing Free users can access the home page by selecting "Home" in the workplace selector or by selecting the GoodData icon (G) in the navigation bar.



Schedule Executor: New Component of Data Preparation and Distribution Pipeline

We have released Schedule Executor, a new component of our data preparation and distribution pipeline.

Schedule Executor runs schedules in one or more workspaces based on the criteria that you have defined (what workspaces to look into and what schedules to run).

Use Schedule Executor to automatically run schedules of Automated Data Distribution (ADD) processes in client workspaces after the data has been prepared in the Output Stage in the Data Warehouse (ADS) with SQL Executor and other components of the data preparation and distribution pipeline.

NOTE: If you have been using a version of Schedule Executor deployed from the GoodData Services Appstore, we recommend that you migrate from your version to the newly released Schedule Executor, which is kept up-to-date automatically.

Learn more:
Schedule Executor


Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 10.0.1

We have started upgrading the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse (ADS) to Version 10.0.1. The upgrade is being done on all the datacenters except for the Canada (CA), Montreal datacenter, which will be done later. Completing the upgrade will take a few weeks. The upgrade requires no action on your side.

We will be posting separate announcements to update you on the upgrade status.


Add-On for Exporting Data from ADS

We have released an add-on for the GoodData platform that allows you to export data from our Data Warehouse (ADS) via the API. To select the data to export, you can use SQL queries.

If you want to know more about this add-on, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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