September 10, 2020

Analytical Designer: Manually Refresh Data Catalog

Analytical Designer now enables you to manually refresh the list of measures and attributes in your Data Catalog.

Hover your mouse over the Data Catalog to display the refresh button. After refreshing, Analytical Designer informs you about the number of the updated items and also refreshes the insight to reflect the changes.


Learn more:
Data Catalog in Analytical Designer


KPI Dashboards: Improved Attribute Sorting

When filtering KPI Dashboards, attribute values now respect the sorting set in your logical data model.

Learn more:
Defining Custom Sorting Order for an Attribute


Access GoodData University through the GoodData Portal

You can now access GoodData University through the Help menu in your GoodData account.



Move Facts and Attributes between Datasets in Your Logical Data Model

In the LDM Modeler, you can now move facts and attributes between datasets of your logical data model (LDM). This can help you expand or refactor your LDM easier and faster.


When you move a fact or an attribute from one dataset to another, the identifier of the moved object does not change. This preserves the measures, reports, and dashboards where the moved object is referenced by its identifier.

Learn more:
Update a Logical Data Model


Several GoodData Components Reached End-of-Life

JDBC Driver Version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2

The JDBC driver version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2 reached end-of-life and stopped working.

If you have not upgraded to the latest version, you will start receiving the following error message:

You are using an unsupported version of the JDBC driver. Download and install the latest version of the driver itself or CloudConnect from

To solve this issue, upgrade to the latest version, 3.5.1:

  • If you are using the driver directly, download and install the latest version of the driver from the Downloads page at If you are a white-labeled customer, log in to the Downloads page from your white-labeled domain:
  • If you are using the driver via CloudConnect, upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.

Learn more:
JDBC Driver Version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2

SHA-1 Signature for SAML

The SHA-1 Digital Signature Algorithm and Digest Algorithms as part of the SAML assertion reached end-of-life and stopped working.

If you are using the SHA-1 for SAML, you no longer can log in to the GoodData platform via SSO. To solve this issue, switch to SHA-256 or higher signature algorithms.

Learn more:
SHA-1 Signature for SAML
SAML SSO with GoodData

Legacy Salesforce SSO Method

The legacy GoodData-proprietary Salesforce SSO method that is based on SessionID reached end-of-life and stopped working.

If you are using the legacy Salesforce SSO method, you no longer can log in to the GoodData platform via SSO. The embedded GoodData dashboards and reports are unavailable. To solve this issue, migrate to Salesforce SAML SSO.

Learn more:
Legacy Salesforce SSO Method


REMINDER: Use TLS Version 1.2 or Higher Only

Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0 and 1.1 is deprecated and will end in one of future releases. We will announce the exact date as soon as it is set.

How will this affect you?
All modern web browsers and programming languages already support the newer versions of TLS (1.2 and higher). Unless you use obsolete software or unsupported systems, you are not affected.

You may be affected if you are using an older version of the libraries or programming languages in your tools. To verify, check the documentation for your tool:

Make sure that all your components and integrations use TLS version 1.2 or higher.

What will happen if you do not upgrade to the newer versions?
When support for TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 ends, if you do not switch to a newer version of TLS, the integration with the GoodData platform will stop working.

Learn more:

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