February 27, 2020

Release Overview:


Drill to Insights from KPI Dashboards

In KPI Dashboards, you can now configure drilling to any existing insight in your workspace.

When you click a measure, the target insight then opens in a pop-up window. The displayed data is filtered by the KPI dashboard and the target insight filters.

You can configure drilling for each measure included in an insight on the dashboard.



Learn more:
Drill to Insights from KPI Dashboards


GoodData.UI Version 7.3 Available: Measure Value Filters

We have released Version 7.3 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

New in this version: Measure value filters
You can now filter a visualization by the value of a measure that is used in this visualization. When setting up a filter, you can compare the measure value to a specific value (greater than, less than, ...) or a value range (between, not between). For more information, see Measure Value Filter and Filter Visual Components --> Filter by a measure value.


NOTE: Measure value filters are not available in Analytical Designer yet, but we are working on it. We will post a separate announcement to let you know when this happens.


REMINDER: Upgrade GoodData Java SDK to Version 2.33.0+api1 or Higher

GoodData Java SDK versions 2.32.0+api1 and older are deprecated and will stop working on March 30, 2020.

Before March 30, 2020, check the version of GoodData Java SDK in the configuration of your application.

  • In Gradle (the command syntax may vary depending on the version you use):
      dependencies {
        compile group: 'com.gooddata', 'name': 'gdc-gooddata-java', 'version': '2.32.0'
  • In Apache Maven (the command syntax may vary depending on the version you use):

If you are using versions 2.32.0+api1 and older, update the dependency of your Java solution to use at least version 2.33.0+api1, or ideally the newest version as mentioned in the GoodData Java SDK Release Notes.

What will happen if you do not update to the newer version?
The login function will stop working. The library will not be able to log in to the GoodData platform and perform any requests.

Learn more:


REMINDER: Whitelist New IP Addresses Used for Data Loading

We deprecated the IP addresses that are currently used for loading data to your GoodData projects. These IP addresses will be in use until May 16, 2020.

We have set up a new range of IP addresses, and we will switch to using these new IP addresses on May 16, 2020. To prepare for this change, please make sure that you have whitelisted these IP addresses.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Find out what datacenter holds your data.
  2. Check this article, and make sure that all the IP addresses listed for your datacenter (both deprecated and new ones) are whitelisted and allowed on the level of your data source.
    This will make your data sources accessible for the GoodData platform after we switch to the new IP addresses.

Do not delete the deprecated IP addresses from your whitelist yet. They will be used for data loading until May 16, 2020.
On May 16, 2020, we will switch to the newly introduced IP addresses. After that, you can (but do not have to) delete the deprecated IP addresses from your whitelist.

What will happen if you do not whitelist the new IP addresses?
If you rely on IP whitelisting, the new IP addresses that we will start using on May 16, 2020, may be blocked on the side of your data sources unless you explicitly whitelist them. As a result, no new data will be fetched from your data sources and loaded to your GoodData projects.


REMINDER: Update the GoodData Public PGP Key in Your PGP SSO Implementation

For customers using the GoodData PGP SSO login implementation

The existing GoodData public PGP key that you use to encrypt your PGP login requests is going to expire on May 20, 2020.
We have generated a new public PGP key that you can start using immediately instead of the expiring one.

Download the new public PGP key and update the key on your side. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible.
You can also download the new PGP key from our online help here (go to Step 3) or here (go to Step 3).

What will happen if you do not update the key?
The old key will be working until May 20, 2020. After that date, if you do not update the key on your side, you will not be able to log in to the GoodData platform via SSO.

Learn more:
GoodData PGP Single Sign-On
How to Generate a Public-Private Key Pair


REMINDER: Use TLS Version 1.2 or Higher Only

Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.0 and 1.1 is deprecated and will end on August 13, 2020.

How will this affect you?
All modern web browsers and programming languages already support the newer versions of TLS (1.2 and higher). Unless you use obsolete software or unsupported systems, you are not affected.

You may be affected if you are using an older version of the libraries or programming languages in your tools. To verify, check the documentation for your tool:

Before August 13, 2020, make sure that all your components and integrations use TLS version 1.2 or higher.

What will happen if you do not upgrade to the newer versions?
Support for TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 will end on August 13, 2020. After that date, if you do not switch to a newer version of TLS, the integration with the GoodData platform will stop working.

Learn more:

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