October 3, 2019

Headers in KPI Dashboards

To enhance your KPI Dashboards, you can add titles and descriptive text to any section on your dashboard. Users then can get a better idea of what the dashboard displays.


Learn more:
Set up a KPI Dashboard


New API: List Process Schedules for the Current User

You can now use the API to obtain a list of schedules for data load processes owned by the currently logged-in user and filter out the schedules by their execution status (RUNNING, ERROR, CANCELED, ...) or state (ENABLED or DISABLED).


Learn more:
API: List schedules for the current user


Salesforce and TLS 1.1: Upgrade Your CloudConnect

For CloudConnect users

Salesforce is in the process of disabling the TLS 1.1 encryption protocol.

Will this affect you?
This change will affect you only in the following case:

  • You use CloudConnect to create and maintain your data load graphs, and
  • Your graphs contain the Salesforce Reader component that relies on TLS 1.1, and
  • You run these graphs locally.


In this case, these graphs will fail when run locally once Salesforce disables TLS 1.1.

How can you get prepared for this change?
Upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version, 115.0.0: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates. The latest version of CloudConnect switches the Salesforce Reader component to TLS 1.2.
Once the upgrade is complete, the Salesforce Reader component in your graphs will be automatically updated to use TLS 1.2.

What about the graphs deployed to the GoodData platform?
The graphs that are already deployed to the GoodData platform via the Data Integration Console will automatically be switched to TLS 1.2.
No action is required from you for those graphs.


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