July 11, 2019

API Structure for Data Sources Updated

We have updated the structure that the REST API uses for Data Sources. A Data Source is an entity that holds information how to connect from the GoodData platform to a Data Warehouse (such as Snowflake).

The structure is used when you are working with Data Sources using the API. For example, it is returned in the API call response when you are creating a Data Source or when you are retrieving information about a Data Source.

In the structure, a new keyword, authentication, was introduced. It lists authentication methods. The credentials (username and password) are now nested under the basic method.


The old structure is deprecated but will continue working in the existing Data Sources until we migrate them to the new structure. We will post a separate announcement to let you know when this is completed.
Any new Data Source will be created with the new structure.

Learn more:
API: List or create Data Sources
API: Manage a Data Source
Tutorial - Set up Direct Data Distribution from Data Warehouses


SOC 2 Type II Report Received

We are thrilled to announce that GoodData completed its annual SOC 2 Type II attestation and received the new SOC 2 Type II attestation report.

If you would like to review the report, please get in touch with your GoodData contact person.


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

In this release, we focused on fixing reported bugs and making improvements in the underlying processes.

We are working on new features, so please stay tuned for the next Release Notes!

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