May 16, 2019

Pivot Tables in Analytical Designer

To improve your experience with GoodData, we are releasing new pivot tables in Analytical Designer.

New pivot tables enable you to group items and add totals to your tables. All your current flat tables are automatically transformed to pivot tables - you are not required to do any steps.


Learn more:
Pivot Tables


Direct Data Distribution from the Snowflake Data Warehouse

Automated Data Distribution can now load data directly from your Snowflake cloud data warehouse into one or multiple GoodData projects. With the provided tooling, you can simply connect GoodData to your Snowflake instance, prepare tables and views that you want to use for reporting, generate a logical data model in your workspace, and configure data load and distribution frequency.
That's it! Starting today, you can use your Snowflake data and accelerate analytics for all your users.

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Direct Data Distribution from Data Warehouses


API: Multiple SSO Providers for a User

You can now specify more than one SSO provider for a user using the API.

To do so, update a user's information and set the ssoProvider property to a comma-separated list of SSO providers.

   "accountSetting": {
     "firstName": "Jane",
     "lastName": "Doe",
     "ssoProvider": "sso_provider_1, sso_provider_2",
     "language": "en-US"

NOTE: You must be a domain administrator to update the ssoProvider property.

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API: User properties
API: Update user information


New API Events for Embedded Dashboards: Embedded Content Started/Completed Loading

When you export to PDF a pixel-perfect dashboard that has an embedded dashboard, you can now make sure that the embedded content is completely loaded before the export starts and that the resulting PDF file is correct.

To do so, use the API events 'Dashboard export initiated - embedded content started loading' and 'Dashboard export initiated - embedded content completed loading'.

  1. The API event 'Dashboard export initiated - embedded content started loading' is triggered when you choose to export the dashboard that hosts the embedded dashboard. The content of the embedded dashboard starts loading. The dashboard export is paused until the content load completes.
      gdc: {
        name: 'embedded.init',
        type: 'app.ok'
  2. The API event 'Dashboard export initiated - embedded content completed loading' is triggered when the content of the content load completes. The dashboard export resumes, and the resulting export file is generated.
      gdc: {
        name: 'embedded.ready',
        type: 'app.ok'

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Embedded Dashboard Events
Embedded Dashboard and Report API - Events and Methods


UPCOMING: Combo Charts in Analytical Designer

To improve your experience with GoodData, we are releasing a new type of insight in Analytical Designer - Combo charts. With combo charts, you can combine two types of charts (column, area, and line) into a single insight.

If you want to try a beta version of combo charts now, set the enableComboChart platform setting to true (for more information about the platform settings, see Platform Settings).

Learn more:
Combo Charts


UPCOMING: Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 9.2.0

We are planning to upgrade the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse to Version 9.2.0. Completing the upgrade will take a few weeks.

We will be posting separate announcements to let you know the upgrade status.


Deprecation and End-of-life: Project Templates

The project templates are no longer supported and stopped working on May 15, 2019.

How does this affect you?
If you are using the project templates, they stopped working on May 15, 2019. Any request to create a new project that includes a project template will fail.

Make sure that you either adopted Life Cycle Management (LCM) or updated your solution to run without the project templates.

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Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: Legacy Salesforce SSO Method

The legacy GoodData-proprietary Salesforce SSO method that is based on SessionID is deprecated and will stop working on March 30, 2020.

How will this affect you?
If you are using the legacy Salesforce SSO method, it will stop working on March 30, 2020. Users will not be able to log in to the GoodData platform using the implemented legacy Salesforce SSO method.

Migrate to Salesforce SAML SSO before the end-of-life, March 30, 2020. For more information, see Legacy Salesforce SSO Method.

Learn more:
For information about all deprecated features, see Deprecated Features.

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