April 18, 2019

Stacking Measures in Insights

If you want to display how each product contributes to the overall revenue in totals or percentages, Analytical Designer now allows you to stack multiple measures on top of each other to understand their individual contributions. You can also slice your data with up to two attributes.


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Stack Measures


GoodData.UI Version 6.3 Available: Pivot Table Enhancements, Export to CSV/XLSX, Stacking, and Attribute Filters by Attribute Element Values

We have released Version 6.3 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 6.3

  • Pivot tables: grouping of attribute cells
    The same values in column attributes are now grouped across the rows, which helps improve data readability in pivot tables. For more information, see Pivot Table Component --> Grouping.

  • Pivot tables: a menu for turning totals on and off
    You can now turn totals on and off in pivot tables using the totals menu directly in the pivot tables. For more information, see Pivot Table Component --> Totals.

  • Export to CSV/XLSX
    You can now export your insights to CSV or XLSX using the onExportReady parameter. For more information, see onExportReady.

  • Stacking in insights
    For some types of insights, you can now configure stacking. For each measure, you can choose to display the total contribution or the percentage contribution. For more information, see Chart Config --> Configure stacking.

  • Attribute filters by attribute element values
    In addition to attribute elements' URIs, you can now define attribute filters to match attribute elements by their values. To do so, use the textFilter property. For more information, see Filter Visual Components --> Attribute filter and Set Up an AFM Query --> Filter.


UPCOMING: Pivot Tables in Analytical Designer

To improve your experience with GoodData, we are releasing new pivot tables in Analytical Designer in one of the future releases.

New pivot tables will enable you to group items and add totals to your tables. All your current flat tables will be automatically transformed to pivot tables - you are not required to do any steps.

If you want to try a beta version of pivot tables now, set the enablePivot platform setting to true (for more information about the platform settings, see Platform Settings).


UPCOMING: Direct Data Distribution from the Snowflake Data Warehouse

This is an early access feature that is going to be officially released soon. If you consider trying this feature, please submit any feedback to GoodData Support. Thank you!

Automated Data Distribution can now load data directly from your Snowflake cloud data warehouse into one or multiple GoodData projects without any additional processing. The data structure in your Snowflake schema (views or tables) must align with the logical data model in your project.

How can you start using this feature?
To enable the integration with Snowflake, set the enableDataDistribution platform setting to true (for more information about the platform settings, see Platform Settings).

Learn more:
Direct Data Distribution from Data Warehouses


Additional Password Complexity Options

GoodData provides additional options to increase password security: you can now define password strength and also the option to limit the reuse and force the expiration of passwords.

Learn more:
Password Policy


LAST REMINDER: Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: Project Templates

The project templates are deprecated and will stop working on May 15, 2019.

How will this affect you?
If you are using the project templates, they will stop working on May 15, 2019. Any request to create a new project that includes a project template will fail.

How can you get prepared?
Check whether you are using the project templates. If you are using them, start using Life Cycle Management (LCM) instead as soon as possible. LCM allows you to configure and control multiple workspaces through master workspaces.

Make sure that you either adopt LCM or update your solution to run without the project templates before the end-of-life, May 15, 2019.

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Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: JDBC Driver Version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2

The JDBC driver version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2 is deprecated and will stop working on October 31, 2019.

How will this affect you?
If you are using version 3.0.2 through 3.1.2 of the JDBC driver, it will stop working on October 31, 2019. You will receive the following error message:

You are using an unsupported version of the JDBC driver. Download and install the latest version of the driver itself or CloudConnect from https://secure.gooddata.com/downloads.html.

Before October 31, 2019, check the version of your JDBC driver.
If your version is 3.0.2 through 3.1.2, upgrade to the latest version, 3.3.0:

  • If you are using the driver directly, download and install the latest version of the driver from the Downloads page.
  • If you are using the driver via CloudConnect, upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.

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