January 24, 2019

Change Measure and Attribute Colors in Analytical Designer

In Analytical Designer, you can now adjust any color that represents measures and attributes in the insight.

You can select from a predefined set of colors from the color palette (default or custom), select a new color in the color picker, or enter a hexadecimal code to use your custom color. If the insight is used on a KPI Dashboard, the new colors are displayed there as well.

The new setting is a part of the insight configuration section.


Learn more:
Change Insight Configuration


Dual Axes in Analytical Designer

You can now compare measures with different units or scales in Analytical Designer.

In bar charts, column charts, and line charts, you can select any measure to be displayed on a secondary right (line and column charts) or top axis (bar charts). 

You can configure the secondary axis in the Configuration section of the insight.


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Bar Charts
Column Charts
Line Charts
Change Insight Configuration


Preloading Embedded Analytical Designer in a Hidden iframe

To shorten the loading times when creating or editing embedded insights, you can define a postMessage that preloads Analytical Designer with data catalog in a hidden iframe.

When you then open an embedded insight, Analytical Designer loads only the insight configuration.

Learn more:
Embed Analytical Designer


LAST REMINDER: Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: GET Method for PGP SSO Login

SSO GET method will reach end-of-life on February 15, 2019 and is being replaced by the more secure POST method. The GET method is now disabled by default.

Check your current PGP SSO login implementation to ensure you are using the POST method before the end-of-life, February 15, 2019.

Learn more:
PGP Single Sign-on


REMINDER: Deprecation and Upcoming End-of-life: Project Templates

The project templates are deprecated and will stop working on May 15, 2019.

How will this affect you?
If you are using the project templates, they will stop working on May 15, 2019. Any request to the GoodData platform that includes a project template will fail.

How can you get prepared?
Check whether you are using the project templates. If you are using them, start using Life Cycle Management (LCM) instead as soon as possible. LCM allows you to configure and control multiple workspaces through master workspaces.

Make sure that you either adopt LCM or update your solution to run without the project templates before the end-of-life, May 15, 2019.

Learn more:
For more information about LCM, see Managing Projects via Life Cycle Management or contact your Account Manager. For more information about the project template deprecation, see Project Templates.

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