October 22, 2018

Date Filters with Multiple Date Dimensions in Analytical Designer

When filtering your data by date, you can now use different date dimensions for each measure in your insight in Analytical Designer.

For example, you can display opportunities that were created in the current quarter and slice them by month in which they were closed.


This feature is available upon request.

Learn more:
Filter Measures by Date

New API Event for Embedded Dashboards: Report Loaded Successfully

If you have embedded dashboards, you can now be notified when a report successfully loaded.

To do so, use the API event 'The report successfully loaded':

  gdc: {
    name: 'report.info',
    type: 'app.ok'

Learn more:
Embedded Dashboard Events
Embedded Dashboard and Report API - Events and Methods


Default XAE Version in New Domains

As of this release, the default XAE version in new domains will be set to 3. If you create a new domain in GoodData, the default XAE version unlocks access to the latest capabilities such as Many-to-Many support.

All existing domains and customers are not impacted by this and remain on XAE version 1. We encourage you to consider upgrading to XAE version 3 to benefit from the latest capabilities. For more details, check XAE Version 3 Prerequisites.

Learn more:
Many-to-Many Reporting


Announcement: Upcoming Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 9.1.1

We are planning to upgrade the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse to Version 9.1.1. Completing the upgrade will take a few weeks.

We will be posting separate announcements to let you know the upgrade status.


Announcement: Handling Credentials in COPY FROM S3 Will Change

In Version 9.1.1, Vertica has changed the way how the COPY FROM S3 command works and handles credentials for S3 buckets. Because the upgrade on Data Warehouse will take a few weeks to complete, COPY FROM S3 will not be working during the upgrade.

When the upgrade is completed, COPY FROM S3 will be operational again, but the way of providing the credentials will change.
Currently, you set the credentials via the REST API. With Vertica version 9.1.1, you will provide the credentials directly in SQL commands.

How does it affect you?

  • If you do not use COPY FROM S3, your work will not be affected. There are no action items.
  • If you use COPY FROM S3, you may need to take some actions:
    • Upcoming change: The COPY FROM S3 command will stop working when the Data Warehouse upgrade starts.
      Action needed: Copy files from the S3 bucket to a local client. While COPY FROM S3 is not working, use COPY FROM LOCAL.

    • Upcoming change: Setting the credentials via REST API will become obsolete, and the corresponding resource at https://secure.gooddata.com/gdc/datawarehouse/instances/{instance_id}/s3 will be removed. Any S3 credentials that have been saved this way will be dropped.
      Action needed: Check whether you have S3 credentials stored in your Data Warehouse instance (see the API for listing all S3 credentials).
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