July 26, 2018

ACTION NEEDED: Data Backup Policy Updated 

In response to recent changes in the privacy regulatory area (most notably, EU 2016/679 GDPR), we have modified our practices around the retention of data backup packages to limit the amount of backup data retained and to shorten the timeframe GoodData will store such data.

These changes aim to store only the most relevant up-to-date backup data for our customers.

Action needed:
Please review the updated backup policy. If you have any question, contact your GoodData Account Manager.


Native Support of Many-to-Many Relationships

GoodData now provides native support of Many-to-many relationship. This enables the ability to filter or aggregate by a multivalued attribute. You will need to upgrade to XAE version 3 to enable this. Please check the documentation links below for detailed information.

Learn more:
Platform Settings
Many to Many Reporting 


Improved Performance of Data Loading: More Details

As announced earlier, we have introduced a set of optimization measures that resulted in significantly improved data loading performance.
We would therefore like to address multiple requests for more detailed information about those improvements.

The optimization measures have been applied to the supported data load tools such as Automated Data Distribution (ADD) and CloudConnect, as well as for direct data loading set up using the data loading API (/etl/pull2).

The greater the amounts of loaded data, the greater the data processing speed increases. This results in a shorter period of completing a data load task.

Data increment size Data load task completion
< 1 GB Up to 1.5 x faster
1 - 20 GB Up to 2 x faster
> 20 GB Up to 3 x faster

For example, if a data load task for 22 GB used to take 1 hour, now it would complete in 20 minutes.

No action needed!
The improvements are automatically enabled for all your workspaces. So keep loading!

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