July 2, 2018

Donut Chart - New Insight Type in Analytical Designer and KPI Dashboards

In Analytical Designer, you can now create donut charts.

Donut charts are similar to pie charts. They show data as proportional segments of a disc with a hollowed out center.


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Export a Dashboard Tab to an XLSX File

You can now export a whole dashboard tab from the Dashboard section to a single XLSX file.

All reports are exported as tables and each report is exported to one sheet of the XLSX file. Key metrics and geo chart widgets are excluded from the export.

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Notifications after a User-Defined Number of Consecutive Process Failures

When creating a notification rule for a data load process, you can now choose whether you want to be notified about an execution failure right away after the very first failure, or you would rather let the process retry and notify you only if the execution fails a certain number of times in a row (maximum 30).


Scheduled executions of data load processes might fail due to network glitches, scheduled maintenance, or similar issues. If your process has an auto retry enabled, sending a notification after a certain number of consecutive failures helps you avoid unnecessary notifications every time the process fails and get a notification only when the process really needs your attention.

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Change for MAQL Rules

GoodData introduces enhanced filter validation for MAQL. The metric editor now checks that a relation in a filter compares an attribute to the corresponding attribute values and not to attribute values of a different attribute (as this is never the desired state).

Existing metrics with invalid filters will continue to work but it will be necessary to repair errors in order to edit them.

Note that it will be still possible to compare different date attributes.

Correct: ... WHERE Priority = High(Priority)
Incorrect: ... WHERE State = High(Priority)

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