June 16, 2018

GoodData.UI Version 5.1 Available: Donut Chart, Scatter Plot, and Sorting

We have released Version 5.1 of GoodData.UI, our powerful library for building analytical applications powered by GoodData.

What's new in GoodData.UI Version 5.1?

  • Donut chart component
    Donut charts show data as proportional segments of a disc and have a hollowed out center. Donut charts allow viewers to visualize component parts of a whole. For more information, see Donut Chart.


  • Scatter plot component
    Scatter plots show data as points using Cartesian coordinates. Scatter plots are useful for analyzing trends between two measures or for tracking the magnitude of two measures from the same chart. For more information, see Scatter Plot.


  • Sorting
    You can now set up sorting for tables or charts. For more information, see the live examples.


Element Masking

The new Element Masking feature allows you to restrict which attribute element labels will appear in reports, based on a masking metric/measure. 

Learn more:
Element Masking


Improved Performance of Data Loading

Performance is one of our top priorities. We are now happy to announce that we are introducing a set of optimization measures that result in significantly improved data loading performance.

You can expect reduced run time for the supported data load tools such as Automated Data Distribution (ADD) and CloudConnect, as well as for direct data loading set up using the data loading API (/etl/pull2).

No action item needed!
The improvements are automatically enabled for all your workspaces. So keep loading!


Data Warehouse Upgrade to Vertica 9.0 Completed

We have completed upgrading the Vertica software on our Data Warehouse from Vertica Version 8.1. It now runs on Vertica Version 9.0. You can find detailed information about Version 9.0 in Vertica's online documentation.

This upgrade improves performance of our Data Warehouse and makes data processing faster.

You can now use the following Vertica features:

We have updated our user documentation for our Data Warehouse accordingly.

No action item needed!
The improvements are automatically enabled for all your Data Warehouse instances.


Upcoming Change for MAQL Rules

An upcoming release will introduce enhanced filter validation. The metric editor will check that a relation in a filter compares an attribute to the corresponding attribute values and not to attribute values of a different attribute (as this is never the desired state).

Existing metrics with invalid filters will continue to work but it will be necessary to repair errors in order to edit them.

Note that it will be still possible to compare different date attributes.

Correct: ... WHERE Priority = High(Priority)
Incorrect: ... WHERE State = High(Priority)

Please stay tuned for additional information, a separate notice will posted in the Release Notes when this rule change is released.

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