May 31, 2018

New Versions of User Brick, User Filters Brick and Ruby SDK

LCM bricks have been updated to 3.0.2. The latest version includes the latest security updates and performance improvements. GoodData recommends you use this latest version when running LCM. This is released alongside a new version of GoodData Ruby SDK 1.1.0. The complete changelog for Ruby SDK can be found directly in the repository:

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New API Parameter - Preserve Variables when Partially Importing Metadata

New API parameter allows you to preserve variables when partially importing metadata.

Learn more:
GoodData API


Upcoming Change for MAQL Rules

An upcoming release will introduce enhanced filter validation. The metric editor will check that a relation in a filter compares an attribute to the corresponding attribute values and not to attribute values of a different attribute (as this is never the desired state).

Existing metrics with invalid filters will continue to work but it will be necessary to repair errors in order to edit them.

Note that it will be still possible to compare different date attributes.

Correct: ... WHERE Priority = High(Priority)
Incorrect: ... WHERE State = High(Priority)

Please stay tuned for additional information, a separate notice will posted in the Release Notes when this rule change is released.

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