May 19, 2018

Stacked Area Chart - a New Insight Type in Analytical Designer

In Analytical Designer, you can now create Stacked area charts.

Stacked area charts display data as an area under a line that connects data points and you can stack them by attributes.


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New Version of User and User Filters Bricks

LCM bricks have been updated to 3.0.1. The latest version includes the latest security updates and performance improvements. GoodData recommends you use this latest version when running LCM.

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API: Load Mode per Dataset when Executing an ADD Schedule

When executing an Automated Data Distribution (ADD) schedule via API, you can now define load mode for each dataset.

This feature helps make your data load process more granular (setting up load mode per dataset) when you use API to execute ADD schedules based on your own plan (for example, at irregular intervals).

To define load mode for a schedule execution, set the execution parameter for load mode to CUSTOM, and then specify load mode for each dataset individually.

Load mode for a dataset can be the following:

  • FULL loads a dataset in full mode.
  • INCREMENTAL loads a dataset in incremental mode. Optionally, you can define an interval within which the data should be uploaded to a dataset.
    Note: If the dataset table is not incremental, load mode will be switched to FULL.
  • DEFAULT selects load mode (full or incremental) according to the dataset table within the ADD output stage.


  "execution": {
    "params": {
          "from": "09-11-2016 14:55:59.000",
          "to": "09-11-2017 14:55:59.000"

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New Date Filter Dialog in Analytical Designer

In this version, we have redesigned the date filter dialog in Analytical Designer and renamed date range to static period.

This new look-and-feel of date filters enables us to implement new features from our roadmap to the GoodData platform. This change doesn't affect the functionality.


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