April 19, 2018

Headlines - a New Insight Type in Analytical Designer

In Analytical Designer, you can now create Headlines. Headlines are insights that display a single number. They are similar to Key Performance Indicators on KPI Dashboards and they can display measures, calculated measures, and also count of attribute values.

Learn more:
Insight types in Analytical Designer


Enhanced Search Function in Analytical Designer

Previously when searching through the list of measures and attributes in Analytical Designer, the search field was cleared when you switched between tabs.

Now we've improved the functionality and Analytical Designer automatically filters the results after switching from the all data tab, to measures, to attributes.


ACTION NEEDED: Install Latest CloudConnect Version

For CloudConnect users

We have updated CloudConnect to include the latest versions of Eclipse IDE.

Action needed!

  1. Download and install the latest CloudConnect version, which is available at the Downloads page.
  2. (Optional) Back up your CloudConnect workspace.
  3. Perform a full new installation of the latest version to a different location, or uninstall your current CloudConnect and install the latest version from scratch.
  4. Start the new CloudConnect and make sure that you are connected to your workspace.

What will happen to the older CloudConnect versions?
If you stay with your current version of CloudConnect, you will not get any update to bring your CloudConnect to latest versions.

Important! Do not perform a check for updates from your current version of CloudConnect. To move to the latest version correctly, you must perform a full new installation of the latest version.

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