GoodData Platform - January 11, 2024

New Features

Drill-Into URL Interaction Can Now Include Dashboard Filter Values

We've updated our drill-into URL functionality. You can now add the values selected in the dashboard's attribute filters directly to your drill-into URL interactions. This allows for more precise and relevant data exploration based on your current dashboard filters.

Learn More:

Drill to URL from Dashboards

Upcoming Changes

Adding Cross-filtering to Dashboards in the Next Release

The upcoming release of GoodData will enable cross-filtering in dashboards. This interactive functionality allows users to select a data point on a dashboard visualization, automatically applying filters to the rest of the dashboard. This enhancement aims to make dashboards more user-friendly and intuitive, encouraging active engagement.

Scheduled for release in two weeks, the dashboard cross-filtering will be enabled by default. This means no additional configuration is required to benefit from this feature. However, if you prefer not to use cross-filtering, you will be able to manually disable it for each dashboard in the dashboard edit mode.

If you have any concerns about the rollout of this feature or its impact on your existing dashboards, please feel free to contact us in advance for assistance.

This information is important to review if you are embedding your GoodData content using iframes, and don’t use whitelabeling to change the default GoodData domain.

As you may know, Google Chrome is set to make a significant change in 2024 by deprecating third-party cookies. This move, aimed at enhancing online privacy, impacts how third-party content, like GoodData, is embedded and interacted with in applications.

To align with these changes, we're adopting partitioned cookies, a method recommended by Google. This change is on our end and doesn't require any action from you. However, it's important to note that this might change how you interact with GoodData content embedded using iframes. For example, if GoodData content is embedded on your web page multiple times, using multiple separate iframes, each iframe will be treated as a separate context, and users will be required to log in to each iframe separately.

To avoid this issue, we recommend you employ one of the following strategies, if you haven’t done so already:

  • Whitelabel your GoodData domain name to match that of the parent application, so that your GoodData iframes no longer rely on third-party cookies.

  • Use alternative embedding methods, such as embedding using React SDK.

We're rolling out this update in the next few weeks or months and will keep it optional initially. You'll have the flexibility to enable this feature and test its impact at your convenience. While the straightforward iframe embedding method will still be available, especially for evaluation purposes, its use for production environments will be limited, once Google Chrome makes the change.

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