January 14, 2017

Welcome to the first Release Notes of 2017! We are happy to see you back =)


Canadian Datacenter

GoodData now offers a new datacenter geographically located in Canada. For more information on important changes, check the link below.

Learn more:
GoodData Datacenters


KPI Dashboard Improvements

We have added new features to the KPI dashboard.
On your KPI dashboard, you can now:

  • Add insights that you and other users have created in Analytical Designer
  • Add attribute filters
  • Configure date filters and attribute filters for each KPI and insight individually



  • The KPI dashboard is available for Direct customers. If you are a Powered by GoodData customer and want to use the KPI dashboard, please contact GoodData Support.
  • To be able to add insights to the KPI dashboard, you should have Analytical Designer enabled. If you do not have Analytical Designer and want to enable it, please contact GoodData Support.

Learn more:
Setting up a KPI Dashboard


Life Cycle Management - New API

New API is introduced to Life Cycle Management allowing you to create, update and delete specific client settings.

Learn more:
Life Cycle Management API


API: Skip Number Format Validation

We have added a new parameter called excludeFactRule to the API calls for creating a project model and generating a MAQL DDL script.

When set to true, the excludeFactRule parameter lets you skip number format validation (up to 15 digits, including max. 6 digits after decimal point).


  • Create a project model for the project with ID 12345abcde:
  • Create a MAQL DDL script for the project with ID 12345abcde:

Learn more:
API: Create a project model
API: Generate a MAQL DDL script


Google Analytics Reader Updated

For customers using Google Analytics

We have updated the Google Analytics Reader in CloudConnect.

How can this affect you?
If your ETL processes fail, enable the Google Analytics Reporting API in your Google Analytics project:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Google API Manager at https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/analyticsreporting.googleapis.com/overview.
  2. Select your Google Analytics project.
  3. Click Enable API.
    The page with API details opens.
    The API is enabled.
    Note: It may take a few minutes before the changes get propagated to your project.


Sybase Drivers in CloudConnect

For CloudConnect users

We have included an additional Sybase JDBC driver in CloudConnect.

When creating a connection from CloudConnect to your Sybase database, you can now choose from the following JDBC drivers:

  • Driver provided by Sybase, Inc. (noted as Sybase Official Driver) - newly added
  • Driver provided by Javlin (noted as Sybase) - already existed

Action needed:

Check the version of your CloudConnect: from the menu bar, click CloudConnect -> About CloudConnect.

  • If the version is 113.0.0, check for and install the latest updates: from the menu bar, click Help -> Check for Updates.
  • If the version is older than 113.0.0, download and install the latest CloudConnect version, 113.0.0, which is available at the GoodData Developer portal. Follow the instructions from the article below, 'Reminder: Install CloudConnect Version 113.0.0.'


Reminder: Install CloudConnect Version 113.0.0

For CloudConnect users

Download and install the latest CloudConnect version, 113.0.0, which is available at the GoodData Developer portal. Do so before on February 9, 2017.

Why should you do that?
CloudConnect version 113.0.0 uses Java 8 while older versions still use Java 7. The versions of CloudConnect that use Java 7 have been deprecated and will stop working on February 9, 2017.

A full new installation is required:
Perform a full new installation of CloudConnect version 113.0.0 to a different location, or uninstall your current CloudConnect and install the latest version from scratch.

Important! Do not perform a check for updates from your current version of CloudConnect: this will upgrade your CloudConnect only to version 112.0.0, which still uses Java 7. To move to the latest version (113.0.0) correctly, you must perform a full new installation of the latest version.

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