November 5, 2016

JDBC Driver: End-of-Life of Versions Older than 2.4.0

We have stopped supporting the versions of the JDBC driver older than 2.4.0.

How does it affect you?
If you are using the JDBC driver older than version 2.4.0, it will stop working. You will receive the following error message:

You are using an unsupported version of the JDBC driver. Download and install the latest version of the driver itself or CloudConnect from

Action needed:
Check the version of your JDBC driver. If your version is older than 2.4.0, upgrade to the latest version:

Learn more:
For more information about the end-of-life rules for the JDBC driver, see Data Warehouse Driver Version.


End-of-Life of /gdc/dss

We have stopped supporting the /gdc/dss REST API resource.

Action needed:
If you use a tool for handling API calls, check whether you are using the /gdc/dss resource anywhere. If yes, replace any instance of it with /gdc/datawarehouse.

Note: This does not apply to the URL used in the connection string of the JDBC driver version 2.4.0 or above. The driver will automatically convert all references to /gdc/dss to the correct ones.


CloudConnect Supports macOS Sierra

For Mac users

CloudConnect now supports the macOS Sierra operating system and is distributed as an Apple Disk Image, in the .DMG file format.

To download the latest version of CloudConnect, visit the Developer portal.

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