October 8, 2016

Default Value for Attribute Filters on Dashboards

Now, when you are configuring an attribute filter on a dashboard, the filter configuration is saved as the default for this dashboard and applied to all dashboard users.
The default filter value is automatically pre-selected, and you and your users can see the relevant information right away once arrived at the dashboard.

Note: Only editors can set up or update attribute filters. Viewers can temporarily change the filter while working with the dashboard.

Learn more:
Filter for Attributes


Keep Number of Concurrent Connections below 100

To avoid potential performance issues, keep the number of concurrent connections from one IP address to the GoodData platform below 100.

If the number of concurrent connections exceeds 100, you may start receiving the error message 'connection reset by peer', because connections above 100 may be rejected.


Reminder: Upcoming Change of SST Length

To enhance platform security, we are planning to increase the length of SuperSecured Token (SST) that you obtain and use when logging in to the GoodData platform via API.

How will this affect you?
Make sure that you parse the whole value of SST (without considering how long it is).
Always take the whole SST value from the header of the API call response, or from the cookies string.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.

Learn more:
API: Log in

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