September 22, 2016

Saving or Publishing a Data Model in LDM Modeler

When working with a data model in the CloudConnect LDM Modeler, you can now distinguish whether you want just to save the model locally, or to save and automatically publish the model to the server.

When you click Save, the LDM Modeler will show you a dialog where you can choose the preferable option. In addition, you can make the LDM Modeler remember your choice and never show this dialog again. You can always change this setting via File -> Save settings.

To start using this option, upgrade your CloudConnect to the latest version available at the GoodData Developer portal.


Recommended Dates on KPI Dashboard

When you are editing a KPI, the KPI dashboard now recommends useful date dimensions for the date filter to apply to.

The recommended date dimensions are displayed on the top of the drop-down list and chosen based on your previous usage of date dimensions.


Learn more:
Set up a KPI Dashboard


Authentication Security Enhanced

We have improved security for the authentication process.

CAPTCHA is no longer shown to you after you tried to log in to the GoodData platform and repeatedly provided wrong credentials. Instead, you are allowed to make another attempt to log in after a certain period of time.

How does this affect you?
If you use a tool for handling API calls, you may need to update how it processes the server response to a failed login attempt due to wrong credentials.

  • Old behavior: The server returned a status code of 401, 'Unauthorized'.
  • New behavior: The server returns a status code of 401, 'Unauthorized' to a failed login attempt. After a certain number of invalid login requests made within a short time span, the server returns a status code of 429, ‘Too many requests’. The response contains the ‘Retry-After’ HTTP header. This header specifies the period (in seconds) after which you can attempt to log in again. The number of seconds between attempts increases with each successive failed login.

Learn more:
API: Login Use-case
API: Log in


Reminder: Upcoming Change of SST Length

To enhance platform security, we are planning to increase the length of SuperSecured Token (SST) that you obtain and use when logging in to the GoodData platform via API.

How will this affect you?
Make sure that you parse the whole value of SST (without considering how long it is).
Always take the whole SST value from the header of the API call response, or from the cookies string.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.

Learn more:
API: Log in

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