July 1, 2016

Analytical Designer Enhancements

Analytical Designer now introduces the following new features:

  • Save and Open - you can now save, search for, open and delete insights within Analytical Designer.
  • Date Hinting - Analytical Designer now recommends useful dates to help you build your measures more effectively.

Learn more:
Create an Insight with Analytical Designer


API: Deploying Ruby Scripts with Bundled Dependencies

You can now deploy Ruby scripts with bundled dependencies via API.

To use this API, you must have the path to a Ruby script that is stored in the GoodData repositories. For information about the stored scripts, please contact GoodData Support.

You can deploy Ruby scripts to one or multiple workspaces.
To deploy the same Ruby process into multiple workspaces, we recommend the following process (for better performance):

  1. Deploy the process into the first workspace. Wait until the deployment has completed (use the polling to check the status).
  2. Deploy the process to the other workspaces (one by one or in parallel).

Learn more:
API: Deploy a Ruby process with bundled dependencies


API: Upcoming Change of SST Length

To enhance platform security, we are planning to increase the length of SuperSecured Token (SST) that you obtain and use when logging in to the GoodData platform via API.

How will this affect you?
Make sure that you parse the whole value of SST (without considering how long it is).
Always take the whole SST value from the header of the API call response, or from the cookies string.

When this change happens, we will post a separate announcement.

Learn more:
API: Log in

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