April 23, 2016

Data Distribution Platform Available!

We have implemented the first phase of Data Distribution Platform (DDP), a new way to quickly upload data from Data Warehouse to your workspaces.

DDP uses and relies on the output stage area of Data Warehouse.

A workspace where DDP is used for data population is mapped to the Data Warehouse instance specified as an output stage. Each dataset in the workspace has the corresponding database object in the output stage. This object serves as a source of data for the DDP process.

Full Load Solution
Use DDP for loading data in a full load mode, that is to datasets where data can be refreshed completely.

Incremental Load Limitations
Currently, DDP does not support an incremental load mode.
If your current processes are set up to load data in incremental mode due to high data volumes, you cannot use DDP at this point.

Learn more:
Data Distribution Platform


Attribute Label Limit

Attribute Label Limit raised from 256 characters to 10000. Labels are truncated in the GoodData platform interface but all exported files (XLS, XLSX and CSV) generate label entries up to this limit.


Upcoming Change of SSH Host Keys

We are going to update the SSH host keys for our SFTP service. The new fingerprints will be as follows:

44:f2:67:d5:a4:ab:bd:30:07:2d:6f:ab:21:85:70:4e secure-di.gooddata.com (RSA)
b9:90:bf:8f:0f:c9:e1:82:64:c0:f8:59:78:f8:87:f6 secure-di.gooddata.com (DSA)
b2:fe:aa:70:d0:7c:6b:51:46:bc:72:b1:fa:3d:c1:3b  na1-di.gooddata.com (RSA)
66:0d:61:22:2b:b7:14:68:70:d8:be:29:db:2d:dd:76 na1-di.gooddata.com (DSA)

How will this affect you?
You may need to update the processes uploading your data to the GoodData platform.

We will post a separate announcement when this change happens. Stay tuned!

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