April 7, 2016

ADS JDBC Driver 2.7.1 Available!

We have released version 2.7.1 of the ADS JDBC driver. Download it from the GoodData Developer portal.

What's new in this release?
Enhanced network stability for ADS connections.

Learn more:
Download the JDBC Driver


Upcoming Changes in Authentication Process Security

We are planning to improve security for the authentication process.

There will be no CAPTCHA after you tried to log in to the platform and repeatedly provided wrong credentials. Instead, you will be allowed to make another attempt to log in after a certain period of time.

How will this affect you?
If you use a tool for handling API calls, you may need to update it after we implement the changes.
Now, the server response to a failed login attempt due to wrong credentials is 401, 'Unauthorized'. When we make the change, the server will return 401 a certain number of times, after which it will return 429, 'Too Many Requests'. The response will contain the 'Retry-After' key specifying after how many seconds you can try to log in again.

We will post a separate announcement when this change happens. We will provide all the necessary details related to this change so that you can adjust your processes accordingly.


Upcoming End-of-support of TLS 1.0 by Salesforce

For CloudConnect users

Salesforce announced that they would begin disabling the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol starting in June 2016.

How can you get ready?
If you use the SF Reader in CloudConnect, upgrade your CloudConnect to version 110. This is the latest version of CloudConnect available at the GoodData Developer portal. It addresses the upcoming disablement of TLS 1.0.
Older versions of CloudConnect still use TLS 1.0 and will stop working after Salesforce completes the disablement.


KPI Datasets

Dates offered in KPI ‘date filter applies to’ now applies to datasets as opposed to attributes folders found in the Manage tab. 

Learn more:
Set up a KPI Dashboard


Online help: Let us know what you think

You can now send us feedback on our online help.

A link on the bottom of each help topic will take you to the feedback form where you can let us know whether the topic was useful to you and suggestions for how we can make it better.
You can also report issues directly from the feedback form.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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