January 16, 2016

Reorder KPIs on KPI Dashboard

For Editors and Administrators

You can now reorder KPIs on the KPI dashboard by simply dragging and dropping.

Learn more:
Set up a KPI Dashboard


CSV Uploader: Support for Multiple Date Formats

CSV Uploader now automatically recognizes and handles all the date formats used worldwide except for YYYY-DD-MM.

Learn more:
Supported Date Formats


Batch Loading is Default Load Mode

CloudConnect now uses batch loading of CSV data by default. This applies to projects belonging to the tokens created after this release (January 16, 2016).
The batch loading loads data for multiple datasets in one process, which allows for faster data upload.

For backward compatibility, projects belonging to the tokens created before this release (January 16, 2016) will keep using sequential loading mode (CSV files are uploaded individually) unless you defined to use the batch loading in CloudConnect (the GDC_USE_BATCH_SLI_UPLOAD parameter set to TRUE).
If you would like to make the batch loading the default mode for the token created before January 16, 2016, contact GoodData Support.

Note that local runs in CloudConnect Designer always use the batch uploading regardless of when the token was created. That means that CloudConnect Designer version 102.0.1 and newer will always use the batch loading for local runs, and the GDC_USE_BATCH_SLI_UPLOAD parameter will be ignored. Older versions of CloudConnect Designer will respect the GDC_USE_BATCH_SLI_UPLOAD parameter and use the sequential loading by default.


API: Getting Information on All ADS Connection Endpoints

We have added an API call that lets you get information about all ADS connection endpoints that are used by the JDBC driver:


Learn more:
API: Get information on all ADS connections


ADS JDBC Driver 2.7.0 Available!

We have released version 2.7.0 of the ADS JDBC driver. Download it from the GoodData Developer portal.

What's new in this release?
The driver can now connect to any available ADS endpoint.

Learn more:
Download the JDBC Driver


Internet Explorer 9 and 10 No Longer Supported

Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are no longer supported by the GoodData platform. Microsoft is discontinuing their support for IE version 10 and older for most of their operating systems (Windows 7 and newer) and encouraging customers to migrate to a newer version.

Use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or IE 11.

Learn more:
System Requirements and Supported Browsers


Upcoming Change of Retention Period for Project Staging

We are planning to change the retention period for project staging. Currently, the retention period is 14 days. This will change to 7 days at the end of February 2016.

What can you do to get ready for this change?
Make sure that your ETL processes do not rely on the files stored on project staging for longer than 7 days.

We will publish a separate announcement once the retention period change happens.

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