Release 96: Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanks for checking in to see what’s new for Release 96! This release, we bring you support for defining custom time zones in your project and support for OAuth 2.0. Check back each week for new updates.

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New updates since release 96:

Release 96.1

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Release 96.2

Thursday, November 20, 2013

Release 96.3

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Release 96.4

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's New: Release 96

Configure Custom Time Zones for Each Project

GoodData now supports configuration of custom time zones, on a per-project basis. By default, users see report data in a project based on the Pacific Standard Time (UTC -08:00). Now, project administrators can change the time zone used in the project to determine how reporting data is segmented across dates.

In some cases, this configuration change can have significant implications. For example, revenue that is recognized in the accounting system in the final hours of September 30 may not be reflected as Q3 revenue in your reports if the time zone in your Revenue project in GoodData does not match the time zone set in your accounting system.

Additionally, project users can target floating time periods that are defined relative to the current day by adding MAQL time macros like {THIS}, {PREVIOUS}, and {NEXT} to a metric’s definition or by using floating time filters in reports. Currently, floating time periods are evaluated in Pacific Standard Time, which could confuse results for users outside of the PST time zone.

Custom project time zones are configured via a project’s gray pages. For more information, see Setting a Custom Time Zone in Your Project.

OAuth 2.0 supported in REST Connector in CloudConnect Designer

The REST Connector component in CloudConnect has been updated to now support OAuth 2.0. For integration with authentication protocols, the REST Connector can be configured to authenticate over HTTP, OAuth, and GoodData’s proprietary authentication. Through the REST Connector, CloudConnect Designer continues to support OAuth 1.0a.

To enable OAuth 2.0 integration, you must acquire a different set of configuration values and apply them to the REST Connector in your ETL graphs.

For more information, see Setting up OAuth 2.

Removal of Legacy Gray Page Resources

It may not be spring, but we’re cleaning up legacy resources on the gray pages that became irrelevant with the introduction of GoodData’s Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE). The following resources are now obsolete and have been removed from the platform:
  • md/obj/explain -  provided information about projects running on the legacy analytics engine. This resource has been superseded by the md/obj/explain2 resource.
  • md/service/engine -  before all projects were migrated to XAE, this resource allowed users to switch between analytics engines. 

What's New: Release 96.1

New MAQL Rounding and Truncation Functions

The new rounding and truncation functions are the latest MAQL extensions that have been added to GoodData’s data query language since the release of the GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE). Previously it was possible to carry out surface level rounding with Custom Number Formatting, affecting how values were displayed in a report. Now rounding and truncation can be incorporated within a MAQL expression that represents a metric’s definition.


With the rounding function ROUND( ) you can round an input to the nearest integer or add a second parameter to specify the number of decimal places to which the input should be rounded. ROUND( ) accepts any constant, fact, metric, or metric expression as an input. The second parameter, if included, should be an integer, although real numbers are supported for input.


  • ROUND(input)
  • ROUND(input, decimal_places)


  • ROUND(12.2) returns 12
  • ROUND(12.7) returns 13
  • ROUND(12.257, 2) returns 12.26
  • ROUND(12.257, -1) returns 10


As an alternative to ROUND( ), the new FLOOR( ) and CEILING( ) functions allow you to strictly round mixed numbers down or up, respectively, to the nearest integer. FLOOR( ) and CEILING( ) accept any constant, fact, metric, or metric expression as an input. 


  • FLOOR(input)
  • CEILING(input)


  • FLOOR(12.77) returns 12
  • CEILING(12.22) returns 13


The truncate function works in the same way as the rounding function except for a subtle difference in the output. Rather than round to the nearest integer by default, TRUNC( ) simply removes any decimal place values, leaving the whole number place values unaffected. When truncating to a certain number of decimal places, additional decimal place values are removed and the final decimal place value remains unrounded. TRUNC( ) accepts inputs in the form of any constant, fact, metric, or metric expression. The second parameter, if included, should be an integer, although real numbers are supported for input.


  • TRUNC(input)
  • TRUNC(input, decimal_places)


  • TRUNC(126.54782) returns 126
  • TRUNC(126.54782, 2) returns 126.54
  • TRUNC(126.54782, -2) returns 100

Improved Glossary in the Custom Metric Editor

In the Custom Metric Editor, the glossary of MAQL expressions and their associated syntax snippets has been reorganized to reflect the latest extensions to our query language. Content updates include revised explanations of existing expressions, in addition to those included in this release. The glossary is now organized into the following categories:

  • Aggregation

  • Numeric

  • Granularity

  • Logical

  • Filters

Updated glossary in Custom Metric Editor

For more information, see the MAQL Reference Guide.

Australian Regions Now Available in Geo Charts

With this release, GoodData now supports Australian states, by name or ISO code, in Geo charts.

Supported geo attribute labels with new Australian regions

More info: Preparing Data for Geo Charts

What's New: Release 96.2

Median Aggregation Function Added to the User Interface

The new Median function, which has been available since release 95, now appears in the simple and custom metric editors, where it can be selected for use in metrics. In the Simple Metric Editor, you can find Median in the dropdown containing operations that can be used to aggregate metrics.

Median in the Simple Metric Editor

In the Custom Metric Editor, Median appears in the glossary of MAQL expressions. From there, you can select the Median function's linked name to add it directly into your custom metric's defintion.

Median in the Custom Metric Editor

For more information on the Median function, see the Release 95 Notes.

Report Directory Selections Are Now Saved Between Visits

The selections a user makes in a project's Report Directory are now saved between visits to the page, even if a user logs out of GoodData or exits the browser. Saved selections may include any selected report folders or tags, and the last selected value in the Group by dropdown. Selections are saved on a per user and project by project basis.

Selected report tags
Selected report folder
Last selection in the Group by dropdown

What's New: Release 96.3

Hide a dashboard report's title

It is now possible to hide the title of a report appearing on a GoodData dashboard. This could be useful for aesthetic reasons or when a report’s significance is evident due to its context.

To hide a report’s title, editors and administrators can enter Edit Mode, select a report, use the gear icon that appears to open the report’s configuration settings, and open to the Style tab to set Report Title to hidden.

Hiding a report's title

What's New: Release 96.4

Download ETL processes directly into CloudConnect Designer

Downloading ETL processes from the GoodData Platform into CloudConnect Designer is now a one-step process. Rather than downloading a process and then manually importing it into CloudConnect, you can now download a process directly to CloudConnect, where it is immediately accessible.

Downloading ETL processes into CloudConnect has been possible since Release 95.2.

More info: Downloading a CloudConnect Process from the Platform

Other Recent Updates

In the weeks following release 95, several new features were added to the platform. Updates have been appended to the release 95 notes:

On the Horizon

GoodData is committed to rolling out new, innovative features. Here's what we've been hard at work on:

  • New options for exporting raw report data to CSV
  • New MAQL percentile function

Thanks for reading up on the latest updates to the GoodData platform. Check back soon for new features to be unveiled in the weeks ahead! You can also review other recently released features as described in the Release 95 Notes.

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