Release 90 Notes: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thanks for checking in to see what’s new for Release 90! In this release, we’re introducing two new public GoodData demos, larger scheduled email attachments, a new filter groups feature, and exposed embedded app events for better communication between embedded dashboards and parent webpages. Read on for more details!

What's New

Sharing The Love: New Demos

GoodData now offers public GoodSales and GoodMarketing demos! Now anyone can experience the power that comes with consolidating all your critical business data in one place.

BIG Scheduled Email Attachments

To accommodate sharing large dashboards via PDF, we’ve increased the maximum size of schedule e-mail attachments to 5MB.

NEW Filter Groups

GoodData's latest feature, filter groups, allow you to make changes to multiple dashboard filters before any dashboard reports are recomputed. When you're finished reconfiguring filters in the group, click apply and watch as all the filters come into effect simultaneously.  More info

Exposed Embedded Application Events

GoodData’s embedded dashboards now expose events that can be used for communication between an embedded dashboard and its parent webpage – all through JavaScript parameters.

For example, keeping tabs on application state events could allow you to display a custom message in the event that GoodData is down for maintenance or when an error occurs. And now you can also monitor and override user action events, such as clicking a link within an embedded dashboard that opens a page in an external window.  More info

Added Support For World Countries in Geo Charts

Geo charts now support an even larger set of regions, including iso2 and iso3 countries. Read on below for additional Geo chart updates, coming soon.

On the Horizon

Metric Editor Updates

An update to our Metric Editor will simplify creating advanced custom metrics for your dashboard reports.

Smarter Dashboard Filters

User-selected filter values will be saved from one session to the next. No more reconfiguring filters each time you log in!

Ongoing Geo Chart Updates

Improvements coming to Geo chart functionality:
  • Drill across capabilities that link Geo chart report values to other related reports.
  • Refined methods for preparing Geo chart data directly from within CloudConnect Designer and the GoodData Portal.

Redesigned Report Info Panels

New info panels for dashboard reports will allow you to expand and collapse report details and easily access report editing and exporting features.

Thanks for reading. Happy reporting!

For more updates we've recently implemented at GoodData, see the Release 89 Notes.

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