Release 89 Notes: Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thanks for checking in to see what’s new for Release 89!

In this release, we’re introducing our brand new Geo chart widget, white-labeled iOS fav icons, and dashboard date filter macros for passing date filter values to an embedded iframe. Read on for more details!

What's New

Geo Charts

We're proud to introduce the latest feature in our ever growing lineup of reporting tools: the Geo chart widget!

GoodData's Geo charts are visually compelling heat maps that allow you to visualize your data broken down by geographic region across an actual map. Regional boundaries such as country, state, and county are all supported.


Geo charts' varying shades immediately draw your eye toward successes, problem areas, or potential opportunities, depending on the metric you're analyzing. You can also hover your mouse over a particular region for the values and region labels. Zoom in an out for a new perspective on your data, and toggle between layers to determine the granularity of the regions by which your data is broken down. The Geo chart is certainly a powerful tool to add to your data visualization quiver.

Click here to learn more about preparing your data for Geo charting, or you can head over here for more information on adding Geo charts to your dashboards!

Apple iOS Fav Icon

In this release we are also adding support for white-labeling of the iOS fav icon. Users who create a bookmark of a GoodData dashboard on iPads and iPhones will now see your company’s icon instead of a page screenshot thumbnail.


Date Filter Dashboard Macros

GoodData now supports a date filter value macro that you can add to embedded web content URLs or to text boxes on GoodData dashboards. The new macro – which uses the syntax %DATE_FILTER_VALUE(<date_attrib_identifier>,FROM|TO)% – returns the starting date (FROM), or the ending date (TO), of the time period that has been selected in an associated dashboard date filter. This could be useful for passing date filter values through to an embedded web page, for loading different web content depending on the date filter value, or for displaying date filter values within text on a dashboard. 

For more on creating a dynamic dashboard viewing experience with macros, see Using GoodData Macros.

On The Horizon

Embedded app events will introduce javascript parameters that allow for communication between an embedded GoodData dashboard and a parent webpage.

An update to our Metric Editor will make it even more managable to create advanced custom metrics for your dashboard reports.

Smarter dashboard filters will mean that the filter values you have selected will be saved from one session to the next. No more filter reconfiguring each time you log in!

Also coming up soon, filter groups will let you to configure a number of filters before any reports on the active dashboard are recomputed. When you’re ready, just click apply and all filter configurations within the group will be applied at once.

Thanks for reading. Happy reporting!

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