Release 86 Notes: Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thanks for checking in to see what’s new for Release 86!

What's New

With Release 86, we're introducing two new improvements to GoodData's UI:

1. Smaller minimum report size

We’ve decreased the minimum size of reports, including headline reports, tables, and all other chart types, to 20x20 pixels. Now you have the flexibility to fit more reports in the same amount of space.

   Small Reports

2. Support for spaces in text widgets

Dashboardheadlines, sub-headlines, and descriptions now support multiple spaces in a row between text, as well as one or more spaces at the beginning of a text entry. In the example below, note how spacing that is typed (before words and between words) is preserved in the final text output on the dashboard.

Spaces Preserved

On The Horizon

With white labeling functionality coming out soon, there’s much to look forward to. Check back for Release 87 in the weeks ahead!

Thanks for reading, and happy reporting!


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