Release 84 Notes : Saturday, December 15, 2012

Season’s greetings from GoodData! 

The year may be drawing to a close, but we’ve got one more bundle of good tidings for 2012. Release 84 is comin' to town.

For release 84 we made our roadmap, checked it twice, and well... you get the idea. Here’s what’s new!

1. New Report Management Options in Embedded Dashboards

 Users with embedded dashboards can now manage individual reports. While in Edit Mode, open the Report menu and select the Manage button to navigate to the Reports page. Once there, you can manage your Report Directory or select an individual report to edit it further.

The Manage reports button:


 The Reports page and Reports Directory, linked to from the Manage reports button:


Embedded projects also now come equipped with an Options menu on the toolbar atop each report’s configurations page. Use the menu to customize report settings, view a previously saved version, or delete your report.

The Options menu on a report’s configurations page:


 The Versions submenu on the Options menu:



2. Newly Released Agile ETL Tool: CloudConnect

GoodData’s platform has reached a new milestone with the recent launch of CloudConnect, our powerful new tool for streamlining the ETL process. CloudConnect extracts your data from a variety of sources, transforms data to best suit your needs, and simplifies the data loading process – all while leveraging the scalability of cloud. To complement CloudConnect’s powerful ETL tool, we’ve added visually oriented data modeling capabilities. Now you can even import preexisting data models from other platform projects. Thanks to your feedback, our end-to-end solution is more robust than ever.

For the full scoop, visit the new CloudConnect section on our developer portal.


3. Accelerated Incremental Data Loading

We have improved the concurrency of incremental data loading and report computation processes for our projects running on PostgreSQL infrastructure. 

Soon, these improvements will also apply to full loads.


4. Added Support for Single Sign On in Safari

In the past, using single sign on (SSO) in Safari required additional configuration. Now, GoodData redirects SSO users with Safari browsers to a tutorial for properly configuring Safari.


5. Simplified Report API and Metadata

In the interest of improving report export/execution performance we’ve simplified certain report APIs and the corresponding metadata structure. In the new API, Report will reference ReportDefinition directly. The ReportResult metadata object is now deprecated.

For all the details, visit our developer portal article on Report API and Metadata Changes.


Stayed tuned for more updates in the new year. See you in 2013!

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