Release 81 Notes: Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's New in Release 81?

In Release 81, we focused on enhancing the functionality of a few of our existing features in order to improve overall usability and to make them even more customizable. We've also added a new demo project, which will give you a firsthand view of the GoodMarketing Bash and the many useful reports and dashboards it contains. Some of the highlights in this release include:

  • New GoodMarketing Demo!
  • Rearranged Dashboard Filter Settings
  • Transparent Background Option for Widgets
  • Support for IE10

The GoodMarketing Demo

When it comes to measuring your marketing, you need access to metrics that are understandable and actionable. GoodMarketing was designed with CMOs in mind. Built with our best practices, it arms CMOs with CFO-ready performance measurements so you can empower your organization with powerful metrics and reserve your seat at the revenue table. Learn more about GoodMarketing along with our other Bashes.







Rearranged Dashboard Filter Settings


We wanted to improve on the usability of our dashboard filtering by changing the layout. Here's what we've changed:

  • Filters can be now added from the toolbar on top in Edit mode as other objects. You can choose from an Attribute and a Date filter.

  • Created dashboard filters can be placed anywhere on your dashboard by clicking and dragging them.

  • The dashboard filters can now be tried & tested in Edit mode, the same way as you are accustomed to in View mode.

  • The actions (delete, multiple vs. single option) were moved from the menu to the configuration panel. (You can rename the filter by clicking on its name)

Transparent Background Option for Widgets

We've added the transparent background option for headline widgets, trendline widgets, filter widgets as well as iframe widgets. To enable the Transparent Background option for your widgets, click on the the cogwheel icon, then select Style and click on Transparent.

   r81ss9.jpg r81ss10.jpg


Internet Explorer 10 Support

Internet Explorer 10 will be released with Windows 8. Considering the fact that Windows 8 is scheduled for general availability very soon, we made sure we were ready for it. The support we've added will ensure optimal performance when using IE 10 with the GoodData application. 



If you enjoyed this release, wait until you see what we've got in store for the upcoming releases! 

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