Release 80 Notes: Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's New in Release 80?

For Release 80, we worked extensively on bringing you another top-notch tool for enhanced reporting and visualization. To that end, as part of our latest release, we are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new chart type along with the many other under the hood optimizations.

  • Waterfall Charts!!!
  • Mandatory User Filters applied to Attribute Filters on Dashboards


Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts help you understand the effects of sequential positive and negative variations between a starting point and an end point.  For instance, this is a very useful tool when analyzing your sales pipeline.

In the report below, we are basically analyzing our pipeline from start to finish.The first bar shows the total amount in pipeline at the start of the period. The two red bars in between show the variations and the bar on the right shows the amount the pipeline has at the end of the period. In this example, the Waterfall Chart offers you a very clear and simple way to analyze changes over time. To start using the Waterfall Chart, click on the new chart visualization icon on the top right. 



Notice that while there are 4 metrics in this specific report, the waterfall chart legend will only show the Total, Decrease and Increase icons.


Customizations to your waterfall charts can be made by clicking on the Show Configuration link on the top right. This will open the configuration panel. For the new waterfall charts, we've added some new functionality to the configuration panel. 

Here are the changes made to the configuration panel for the waterfall charts:

  • To set the totals, click on the small arrow in Metric Values bucket.
  • Click on Set Colors to customize the colors for the Totals, Increase and Decrease metrics.
  • Check the Connecting Lines check-box to add lines that connect the neighboring bars in the chart.


r80ss2.jpg   r80ss3.jpg  r80ss4.jpg


Mandatory User Filters applied to Attribute Filters on Dashboards

As if the cool Waterfall Charts weren't enough, we've also expanded the functionality of Mandatory User filters. Now, the Mandatory User Filters will also influence the values in Attribute Filters on Dashboards.

For instance, here's a scenario where this comes in handy. You have a few filters on your dashboard, such as Account and Sales Rep. You would like a user to only see the data for Accounts and Sales Reps in the West region. Now you can set a Mandatory User Filter for the user, so the user will only be able to see the accounts generating sales and the sales reps in the west region.

For more information on Mandatory User Fitlers, check out the Mandatory User Filters for Beginners blog post in our Developer Portal.


We hope you enjoy Release 80 and please stay tuned, there's definitely more to come!



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