Release 79 Notes: Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's New in Release 79?

Release 79 focuses on back-end improvements, infrastructure and bug fixing. As such, there are no major visible changes in this release. However, we'd like to highlight an important performance improvement for our Internet Explorer 8 users.


IE8 server-side charts

We've been working on improving the overall performance for IE8 users. A major improvement was to allow server-side generated charts.

By rendering charts on the server side, IE8 users will experience much faster chart rendering and dashboard loads. This feature will only be applied for IE8 users. It will not affect users on other browsers and it's not turned on by default. If you are interested in trying it out please let us know and we will send over the instructions on how to enable it. Currently, this feature does not support highlighting. However, we plan on implementing this along with adding headline charting capabilities very soon, so please stay tuned!


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