Release 78 Notes: Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's New in Release 78?

In Release 78, we've added some more functionality to our UI. We've expanded our dashboard embedding capabilities and we also added more support to the dashboard export mechanism. Here's what's in store for Release 78:

  • Editing in Embedded mode

  • PDF support for embedded iFrames


Editing in Embedded mode

Now it's possible for Admins and Editors to edit dashboards and build new reports in embedded mode. We've added a new Edit mode icon on the top right. The Dashboard Edit bar will appear when you switch to Edit mode. You can add reports to the embedded dashboard or you can even create new reports.



When you click on the Create a New Report button, it will take you to the Analysis page where you will build your report.



PDF support for embedded iFrames

We are very pleased to announce that the PDF export of dashboards now supports embedded iFrames i.e. images and other rich content.



We hope you enjoy Release 78!

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    Beau Redstone

    Hi all - We really like the feature that allows us to edit embedded dashboards. However, one item was removed: The ability to "click through" a report link on an embedded dashboard directly into GoodData. This is a very important feature for our customers that have edit or admin capabilities, as they can click through to a report directly and make any changes if necessary.

    The same issue also appears to be occurring on web tabs installed in Salesforce. Is this a feature that we can get back? 


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    Hubert Palan

    Hi Beau, you can make changes right in the embedded mode - go to the edit mode and click on a title or the little pen icon for the chart/table you want to edit. 


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