Release 73 Notes: Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's New in Release 73?

In Release 73, we are very pleased to bring you some new usability enhancements that will provide even more convenient ways to use and manage important aspects of your GoodData project. Also, as mentioned in the previous release, we are still doing some major improvements to our Algebraic Engine. As such, we are introducing two new MAQL functions.

Here's what's in store for Release 73:

  • Transparent Chart Backgrounds
  • Move, delete and copy/paste multiple widgets on dashboards
  • New MAQL functions - ABS and SIGN

Transparent Chart and Headline report Backgrounds

Now, it's possible to make the chart and headline report background transparent which will enable you to overlay charts and headlines over each other, position them closer or put graphics underneath them. To do this, click on the 'gear' icon in the top right while in Edit mode, then select the background color.


Once we've made the chart's background transparent, we are now able to uncover who's been hiding underneath! 


We will be adding the transparent background to the headline widgets as well as iframes and lines soon, please stay tuned.

Move, delete and copy/paste multiple widgets on dashboards

This new feature will allow you to select and move around multiple dashboard widgets at the same time. You will also be able to delete, copy/paste and arrange in layers. This is done by clicking on the dashboard canvas and dragging the mouse over the widgets as shown in the screenshot below:



You can also move widgets forward and backward.


The functionality is also supported via keyboard shortcuts:



Delete: DELETE





Select All Objects: CTRL/CMD+A

To add another object to your selection press SHIFT or CMD/CTRL while clicking on an object.


From now on please use only the top edit bar to add any content to the dashboard (reports, widgets, variable status, text, web content, lines):



New MAQL functions - ABS and SIGN


We are also adding two new functions to MAQL:

1) Absolute value function:


  • Syntax: ABS(number)
  • Description: Returns the absolute value of a number. The absolute value of a number is the number without its sign.
    • ABS(-5) would return 5
    • ABS(3+m) would return positive number


2) Signum function:


  • Syntax: SIGN( number )
  • Description: the SIGN function returns the sign of a number. If the number is positive, the Sign function will return 1. If the number is negative, the SIGN function will return -1. If the number is 0, the Sign function will return 0. For non-zero complex X, SIGN( number ) = number/ABS(number)
    • SIGN(47) would return 1
    • SIGN(0) would return 0
    • SIGN(-5.89) would return -1
    • SIGN(99) would return 1 

There will be more to come, so please stay tuned for even more enhancements.

Please enjoy Release 73! 

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