Release 71 Notes: Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's New in Release 71?

In Release 71, we focused on improving the current drill-in functionality and performance by bringing you an impressive new feature that provides great flexibility when defining various drill paths. As if that wasn't enough, we've also switched some of the core database technologies in our back-end which will bring about  significant improvements in report computation and data loading performance. Here's what we're bringing to you in this release:

  • Drilling Across into a Report
  • Continuous Performance Boosts
  • Removal of CSV Upload Mechanism from UI


Drilling Across into a Report

This new feature enables you to break a metric or attribute value down by a different attribute or you can even drill across from your original report into another report. Let's try this new feature out together! First, you'll need to be in "Edit" mode on your dashboard. Once in "Edit" mode, click on the Cogwheel icon on the top right. The chart below shows the % of each opportunity status by created date. Let's drill across to a Rep Scorecard report to see which rep has the highest Win Rate.


Now, let's select a metric (Won) and select the report we want to drill into.


Once the drill path is defined by selecting the report you want to drill into, click on any of the bars in the chart that represent the metric we selected and see what happens! Awesome, isn't it?


Performance, Performance, Performance!

As you are probably well aware by now, we are all about boosting our performance. We've been working non-stop to bring you the best platform performance possible by doing major back end optimizations that have, thus far, proven to be effective. As a result, reports and dashboards have been taking significantly less time to load. In this release, we also did some more under the hood optimizations and there will definitely be more to come, so please stay tuned!

Removal of CSV Upload Mechanism from UI

Because of the fact that we are moving to a new data transformation and loading framework, we had to remove the csv upload functionality from the UI. If you'd like to continue to load your own data, you will still be able to do so with the GoodData CL Tool or feel free to write us at and we'll point you in the right direction.


We really hope you enjoy Release 71!



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  • Avatar
    Beau Redstone

    Thanks for the update Bryan. Question on the 'Performance' component - Have we been migrated to the Postgres database platform at this point? I also heard that there would be some significant functionality enhancements to MAQL. Any news on that?

  • Avatar
    Bryan Castro

    Hi Beau, you currently have a few projects on PostgreSQL for beta testing purposes. However, I am not aware of when all of you projects will be migrated. I'll have someone from our Product team discuss this with you. In regards to the MAQL enhancements, it is still in the works. Although these enhancements will be implement soon, I am unable to provide a reliable release date for this, so please stay tuned.

  • Avatar
    Neil Whitworth

    We use GoodData to give us a company-perfomance dashboard and dashboard for customer service teams from historic help-desks with no API.  Now we are really suffering with the removal of the csv upload.  The CL Tool is not intuitive and we've been unable to upload to our project even when now we are getting "project upload mode is locked to "DLI" error.

    It's not right to just remove functionality  without warning - for us we were regularly uploading data and bang, suddenly we can't and we're suffering.

  • Avatar
    Ray Light

    Hello Neil,

    I'm sorry for the difficulties you are having. However, please note that GoodData is not a free service. The previous CSV upload and even current CL tool projects created are 30-day trials only. We are happy to engage with you to discuss your use case let you know all that we can offer. We offer up to full managed services which remove the IT burden from you, to let you focus on running your business. Just let us know if you are interested, and we are more than happy to reach out.

  • Avatar
    Neil Whitworth

    We are not expecting a free service - we got GoodData offered as an incentive to upgrade our Zendesk over a year ago.

    We took the deal and upgraded Zendesk - and have been using GoodData happily since early 2011.   Although our feed from Zendesk flows automatically we have also been updating using CSV files for older clients during that whole time - much more than 30 days.

    Are you saying that the Zendesk agreement no longer stands ?

  • Avatar
    Ray Light

    Hello Neil,

    GoodData for Zendesk is a project included free for all Zendesk Plus+ or Enterprise customers. The terms of service of this application is that it is a "closed" app for Zendesk data only. While the CSV uploader allowed adding some data into the project, any attempt to "join" this data would have crippled the app and prevented it from being updated. 

    So if you are using the GoodData for Zendesk app as part of your Zendesk subscription, this is still free *as-is*. Any mashups with other data or new projects outside of our 30-day trial require a contract with GoodData.

  • Avatar
    Neil Whitworth

    OK seriously how would we know that ?

    That was not in any of the upgrade blurb on Zendesk that I remember reading.  And there is still  nothing on our account or on any screens indicating we are outside the support structure or in any sort of “trial period” – so how would we know ?

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