Release 70 Notes: Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's New in Release 70?

Release 70 was quite a big release from the front-end release perspective. We've packed a lot of cool stuff into this release. Some of the highlights include:

  • New chart type: Bullet/Thermo charts
  • Ability to export complete dashboard tabs to PDF 
  • Decreased padding for charts' labels
  • "Invite Users" button now available even for unverified admins

Bullet/Thermo charts

We know from speaking from some of you that this feature should put a smile on your face... The new bullet/thermo charts allow you to easily visualize your current performance versus your targets. You can even define different degrees of performance, such as less satisfactory to most satisfactory.


Here's how they work: First, select your metrics and place them respectively in the chart using the dialog box wizard:



Then, just add it on the dashboard and adjust size



You can make lots of creative charts with this new chart type to make measuring your performance easy:




Export complete dashboard tab to PDF

The long-awaited feature has arrived! Now you can export a complete dashboard tab to PDF. This makes printing dashboards easier and less buggy, and makes physical distribution of your dashboards a breeze.



* Please note that export of external embedded web content is not supported.



Decreased padding for charts' labels

Now, you can see more labels alongside your charts than before. We are going green and using the screen space even more optimal. 






"Invite Users" button now available even for unverified admins

We fixed a small usability issue for admin users who haven't confirmed their email account yet. Previously they couldn't see the "Invite Users" button on the Project & Users page, which was causing some confusion. Now they can see it right away together with an explanation that they first need to confirm their email address in order to be able to invite more users into the project.

And of course, we brought some under-the-hood adjustments and enhancements to make the platform even more stable and fast. 

We hope you enjoy GoodData Release 70!

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