Release 69 Notes: Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's New in Release 69

Release 69 is packed with some cool new features, have a look at what we have in store for you:

  • Updated visual style for charts, menus and pop-up messages
  • "Cancel report computation" button
  • Report filters can now be set up before the report starts to compute
  • Embedded dashboards' width is now adjustable
  • More performance boosts

Updated visual style

We have simplified the overall look and feel of charts to make them even more informative and presentable.


With the neat spaces between the parts of the chart, you don't need to go pixel hunting anymore - shares can be estimated instantly.


The label color isn't just black anymore, making it more comfortable to read charts.


"Cancel report computation" button

Sometimes, we all create heavy-weight reports which usually take several iterations of fine-tuning before we are satisfied with the result. Having to wait until the report is re-computed each time you make some minor change can be really irritating. But not anymore!


Now, if you don't want to waste your time you can simply cancel the computation and make the changes you wanted. 


Of course, you can tell the system to recompute the report whenever you want.


Report filters can now be set up before you specify metrics and attributes

Some reports require a sophisticated set of filters to be set up to show the intended data, while the underlying metrics and attributes may just be "general". Before, you had to wait until the report is computed (which could take a while) until you were able to apply filters. 

Now you can set your filters first and specify the metrics and attributes after. Alternatively, you can also start with specifying metrics in What & How dialogs, start the computation and if you want to specify the filters right away, you cancel the report computation, set the filters and then compute the new report.



Embedded dashboard width is now adjustable

Now, the embedded dashboard width is based on the iFrame, allowing it to be consistent with your web site's visual style - no more unnecessary scroll bars!

More performance boosts

Once again, we are bringing another performance increase along with some under the hood adjustments and fixes.

Enjoy Release 69!

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