Release 68 Notes: Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's New in Release 68?

In Release 68, we've added another user role which allows project administrators to limit invited or existing users access to Read-Only. We have also made some more significant performance improvements under the hood by upgrading our database.

  • "Viewer" User Role
  • More Performance Boosts


"Viewer" User Role

This new user role will set restrictions on the type of access users will have in your project. "Viewers" will only be able view dashboards and reports without being able to make any changes to them or looking into the underlying data/metrics:

  • No access to "Dashboard", "Reports", "Manage", "Search" in the main navigation
  • "Print" is the only available option in the dashboard "Edit" button
  • The link from report title has been removed as well as the icon for opening the report in a new window
  • Access to the Analytical Page has also been removed


Change the user's role in the Project users area if the user is already a project member.



Set the user's role to "Viewer" when sending a Project invitation.



Restricted Access to "Dashboard", "Reports", "Manage", "Search"  in the main navigation and "Print" is the only available option when clicking on the "Edit" cogwheel.



The link from the Report Title has been removed restricting the user from opening the report.



Performance Boosts - Developer News

We are currently in the process of migrating our platform to a new database to further boost platform performance. For more detailed information on this, please go to our Developer Forum. We also encourage you to go through some of the other interesting developer blog posts and documentation that can be found there.


Release 68 has arrived! Please let us know what you think.






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