Release 66 Notes: Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's New in Release 66?

Release 66 is our first release in 2012 and it focuses on back-end improvements, infrastructure and bug fixing for better overall performance. As such, there are no major visible changes in this release. However, we are getting everything ready to start releasing some new features planned for 2012, so stay tuned for some big announcements in the upcoming releases coming soon!


For Developers

Check out these recently published blog posts from our Developer Portal. We're sure you'll find them very insightful!

  • Determining the Attribute Value ID

  • Export selected Reports using Grey Pages


Determining the Attribute Value ID

Find out the easiest way to determine the attribute value ID via the GoodData REST API by reading this blog post


Export selected Reports using the Grey Pages

Let's say you urgently need to send one of your reports via email. Now, you have the ability to export it to PDF by using the GoodData grey pages and send it via email as an attachment. Get started by following the steps in the Export selected Reports using the Grey Pages blog post!



We've got a lot more in store for you in the upcoming releases, so please stay tuned!

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