Release 65 Notes: Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's New in Release 65?

As the previous one, Release 65 is focused on back-end improvements. Our current priority is performance, so we've added some optimizations and plan to continue with this as a major theme in the short term.  But we aren't ignoring our UI at all - today we bring to you "free" filter positioning on dashboards and cleaned up the graphical view of the project Data Model. And, of course, we've done some routine bug fixing.

Also, we are happy to announce that a new Advanced MAQL Reference Guide is released! Now you can have all the needed information handy when you build your advanced metrics with GoodData -


On the technical side

On the performance front, we've managed to achieve some pretty impressive results in terms of optimizing some very large project. Some reports in these projects can now be calculated up to 6 times faster! 


Floating filters - free positioning on the dashboard

In this release, we introduce the ability to place the filters anywhere on the dashboard. This comes really handy when you  want your dashboards to be user-friendly and intuitive. 



Simplified graphical representation of the Logical Data Model

Before, the Logical Data Model was shown at the lowest level of granularity, including all the attributes in the hierarchy-dependent data sets. Now, with the new look the model looks cleaner and much clearer, especially when your project is quite big and has many data sets.


By default the date dimensions are now folded up - they are shown as a blue boxes instead of a big branch. 


More control of the screen space

Now, when you re-size dashboard reports, you have pixel-perfect precision - all you need to do is to hold down the Command (Mac) or Alt (Windows) button while resizing the report frame. This will allow to freely re-size the dashboard report in 1-pixel increments, rather than the default 10-pixel increments.


Enjoy Release 65! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


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